This is another syiok sendiri post. But the information is rather interesting to me as well. From my view as a make money blogger, it is certainly very encouraging. It means there are plenty of interest in the commercial value of this medium. That means lots of money for us who have space to rent.

However, from the cynical, obnoxious and always not politically correct The Most Obnoxious 5xmom, I say this is bullshit lah. Where got half a million bloggers in Malaysia, beb? Mana engko dapat nombor tu?

Blogging in Malaysia ranks among highest in the world
Posted by Raja Petra (source : Malaysia-Today)
Thursday, 03 April 2008

(The Star) –
MALAYSIA has about 500,000 active bloggers, ranking the country among the highest in the world after Indonesia and the European Union, Utusan Malaysia reported.

According to Universiti Malaya media department lecturer, Dr Abu Hassan Hasbullah, this showed the power of blogs in influencing the thinking of the people, especially about politics.

He said blogs currently had a wide reach considering how many Internet users visited these sites everyday.

“Our research shows that 70% of the election results were influenced by information in the blogs,” he said.

Dr Abu Hassan said

the ruling government could use blogs but pointed out that it would take a long time for it to be popular.

Now, the syiok sendiri part. Eh, Dr Abu Hassan, it doesn’t take long to be popular lah. See Chua Soi Lek? Khairy? Pak Lah? Khir Toyo? Semua saya pun boleh kasi panas-panas. Hire me to be the SEO lah…..

I think they have this mistaken perception about blog popularity. A popular person does not necessary have a popular blog. For example, I didn’t know Annuar Zain has a blog until someone pointed out that he is ‘menjual diri’ then only I know he has a blog.

Then, a popular blog may not contain popular topics that interest others. I can open a blog with nothing but naked girls everyday and it will be darn popular. But can you say that it is a popular blog?

Anyway, our dear Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek said he is going to invite all bloggers bwahahahahahaha to appear on TV.

The minister said bloggers who formed the alternative media, would also get “live” airtime on a Government news channel.

Every Sunday night beginning April 20, an interview session, ala BBC’s Hardtalk, will be held from 8.40pm to 9pm during RTM 1’s Bahasa Malaysia news segment.

(source : The Star)

But wait hor, before you start sewing that kebaya or buy that RM1,000 baju batik in order to appear on TV, konon… this :

“What is past is past. I think it’s best we forget about the past and think about the future. Asked if there would be repercussions for bloggers who touched on sensitive or illegal issues during the programme, he said: “Nobody is immune in this country, except in Parliament. If the bloggers choose to say slanderous things, we have laws in the country.

“It will not be our Ministry who takes action against them but the legal process will take its course. The slandered person can take action against the blogger involved,” he said.

So, who wants to get their backside zh’ng on R T M, Teman setia andaaaaaaa……..?

In closing, I rasa cukup rimas with all these attention showers on that wrongly perceived bunch of people call bloggers. Leave us alone lah, kita tak minat.

Bloggers have minds of their own and they cannot be bought with your sudden, fake adoration. Once a blogger, always a blogger. No amount of Barisan Nasional’s attention showered on us can mend the bridges.