It was 4 am.

I have finished brushing my teeth.

My hands got a little itchy so I grab hold of the eyebrow shaver.

Eyebrow shaver is a single blade thing that is meant for shaping eyebrow.

4 am. No contact lense. Saja hand itchy.

And now, I have 1/6 of my eyebrow, the one near to the nose bridge shaved off.

And I look like lau foo tze.


Hubby and son said I can paint it.

But I don’t have eyebrow pencil. And I am not going to buy one. I also never paint my eyebrow because they are bushy enough.

So, I shall pretend no one notices the missing part. 😎

How? Lao Fu Tze until don’t know when the new hair grows? 😯 I hope it doesn’t come out bushier and look like Kuan Koong!