What to do if you shaved off your eyebrows accidentally?

It was 4 am.

I have finished brushing my teeth.

My hands got a little itchy so I grab hold of the eyebrow shaver.

Eyebrow shaver is a single blade thing that is meant for shaping eyebrow.

4 am. No contact lense. Saja hand itchy.

And now, I have 1/6 of my eyebrow, the one near to the nose bridge shaved off.

And I look like lau foo tze.


Hubby and son said I can paint it.

But I don’t have eyebrow pencil. And I am not going to buy one. I also never paint my eyebrow because they are bushy enough.

So, I shall pretend no one notices the missing part. šŸ˜Ž

How? Lao Fu Tze until don’t know when the new hair grows? šŸ˜Æ I hope it doesn’t come out bushier and look like Kuan Koong!

24 thoughts on “What to do if you shaved off your eyebrows accidentally?

  1. aiyo auntie lilian! just post your sooi sooi pix up lah! pics speak better than words! u had our imaginations run wild liddat! šŸ˜›

  2. tips from grandmother: put XO…helps to speed up the growth… used to help kids who had to go botak due to kutu

  3. šŸ˜Æ You wake up at 4am???

    šŸ’” Put plaster or better, eye patch, then look like a pirate, eh?

    LOL šŸ˜†

  4. u know the band people put at their forehead like Nicole David used when she tengah begaya main squash? U pakai one, then wear Nike Sports attire lah..So Begaya, and for sure not going to look soooo weird. Of course you can wear it until ur eyebrow back to normal..

  5. happened to me before… that’s why to this day.. i never cut my fringe…. my contingency in case it happens again…. hehe…

  6. Hmmmmm 4 am trying to Liak Kau arrrr šŸ˜†
    Anyway like they says ” A picture paints a billion words ”
    Hopefully the bushier grows at the right spot lorrr !!

  7. LOL, so many ideas and suggestions. I will get back to this tomorrow cos I went out the whole day already. Interesting ideas…

  8. back in USa i had my eyebrow waxed with chocolate wax. when i came home my mums eyebrow raised sky high.

  9. alamak! i tried b4 plucking too much..then it looks weird

    nvm..try to use hair to cover =P (when short fringe comes in handy! :mrgreen: )

  10. i dont evn wanna no wat happened… Put a bandaid ovr it n say that u hav a cut/ scrap/ scratch or somethn.,

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