Lucky number da ma cai

Early in the morning…..


we went to…..


and gave a lot of million bucks to my parents…..

After that, my family went for nasi kandar in Jalan Tengah’s flat. We surrounded by Da Ma Cai and Sports Toto. My late mother took care of my two eldest sons when they were babies.

5xmom : Eh, you know ah…last time when both of you were babies, Ah Mah always strike number with both your birth certs number.

Sons : Then, come, we go and buy. *pointing to the Da Ma Cai*

5xmom : Cannot…against my faith. But wait a minute…let’s go. I haven’t buy number before. Come, I give you life lessons.

So, #1 and #2 son followed me while atm was sitting down, eating.

We went in. I filled in the little chit.

All of us : Eh, apa itu IBox?

Me : Maybe, buy IBox, get iPod, iPhone, iMac as prize ah?


So, I took the chit to my hubby and showed him.

He took a look and said, “Siao ah? Why you buy IBox?”

Me : Apa itu IBox?

Atm : That one is for the 24 rotations (jee chap si peng) (you take four digits and turn it 24 times)

Both sons ROTFLTAO, “You see lah, later your mader go and pay time and they say it costs RM300.”

When we have finished, we walked out.

#2 son : Eh, mader, you said against your faith wor. Why you still gamble ah?

Me : You know what Moses said? “Honour thy mother and father.” That’s what I am doing. Ah Mah used to buy your birth certs number and she used to take you two boys to the Magnum at Bukit Jambul when you were babies. This is to remember her. Not gamble. This is preserving tradition. Boleh faham kah?

Sons : Yalah, everything also you got excuses wan…

So, I gave you readers three digits. 880, 994 and the number from Da Ma Cai 8608. You lucky or not up to you lah.

(and don’t Christians preach to me, what I do is none of anyone’s business. If you don’t get the true essence of my post, please shaddap)

19 thoughts on “Lucky number da ma cai

  1. Hey its good that you’re open enough to continue tradition.

    Some people refuse even to go and give some prayers to their dead descendents.

  2. Niamah!!! Because of you I am not accepting bets for those numbers today. (part time puki mah) Scared betul betul open, I have to flee the country. šŸ˜•

    But that 8608 very hot number. Good luck. 10% commission for me. Tenkiu.

  3. 9pek9bo – Yalor, now the joss-stick shop also sell confetti for this purpose liao. That’s why my Catholic kids love Ching Ming ‘cos they go there Merry Christmas and play fire.

    kaDusMama – Sports Toto, Damacai, Magnum 4D, semua sapu. When you win, belanja ya?

    terence – Nay, you see the 500,000 denomination note? You go buy and pay those winners lor. Wei, I didn’t buy 8608 lah. Only the other two numbers which I have hidden the first digit.

    Dr. Tan – It is fun to go, with lots of things to eat.

  4. Aiyoh like this how la …. buy 10 kepala arrr ah lian sis …. o to 9 … heavy la investment !!!!!

  5. Hey.. what a coincidence! Hubby just went to Magnum to buy some lucky numbers. He seldom buy but I think he is buying his late father’s favorite numbers. I saw iBox and wonder what is it too. Now, I know better.

  6. LOL Jasmine … credit cards all debit your ac arrr …
    Ya lorr sometimes scary la so much burning horr .

  7. Right, no preaching. With all the hell money scattered around….. BTW, you should have burnt some paper underwears for your Ah Ma too….. šŸ˜³

  8. You bought fatt fatt leng…came out fatt fatt luk first prize in DaMaCai wor! Like dat, considered win or not in Ibox? šŸ˜†

  9. Irene – Eh, I am a Christian lah, what paper underwears wor? They got free Prada over there. And Victorian’s Secret too.

    BEH – Got mah, that day got one who ordered a petrol station to be tailor made ‘cos he said he had burnt enough cars. Might as well order the whole Petronas oil rig lah hor?

    choonie – U tiok boh? My number 880 jadi 886 wor……cis,first prize somemore. I should write my 0 with the ekor.

    sweet jasmine – Got, got credit card, platinum one somemore. My hubby’s niece open these sort of shops wan, whatever you can think off also got. Ya hor, next time, instead of burning maids for me, I ask my sons to burn toyboys for me. Hahaha.

  10. 9pek9bo – I no buy IBox and my head oso not 6. If not, only chap jee peng and sure kena hor? Never mind, I pau Sunday as well. Sure tiok jee wan. LOL.

  11. I dun know what numbers that hubby bought yesterday evening. Hopefully he kena lor and you too (for your Sunday bet).

  12. Wah burn all the Petronas rigs then BN collapsed faster lorrr.Smart la you Ah Lian go tell PR leaders ma !
    Next time you want to write 6 , write nicely la , look like zero now we din strike ….

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