mating insects

I had been out the whole of today and didn’t manage to crap about the news I read somewhere. My eyebrows have to wait. Now we talk about that piece of cibai that costs RM2 millions, ok?

So, the news go like this. This girl had sex with a guy on the understanding that they will get married. They registered their marriage but later on, found that the man’s parents did not accept her. So, the balless man had to annul the marriage. Now, this spinster is going to sue him for RM2 million because she said she lost her virginity to him! RINGGIT MALAYSIA TWO FARKING MILLIONS, WEI.


So, all you virgins out there, you better treasure that RM TWO MILLION skin you are sitting on. Huge fortune you got there, don’t you think?

I teach you hor, after you lost it, sue and claim the RM2M, you can go for hymenoplasty which probably costs less than RM6K and then, recyle, reuse and reclaim.

Boleh faham? Phew….lucky I have no daughters. Or else we will be plotting how many RM 2 millions we are going to claim. Bwahahaha……*slaps self*


On a serious note….girls, before you open that pair of legs, know what you are in for. It is not to hold the guy accountable or to prove your love or to seal the relationship. You only do it because you think you are very sure you will enjoy it and you have to make sure that the next morning, you can do without him, in case of anything. If you have been brought up with strong religious backgrounds or conservative upbringing, never ever fark because you are a fool to think that guys care about that piece of hymen. They are not indebted. They don’t owe you anything.


If they are those who think of those who lost it as ‘used goods’, use your knees and give the jerk a ‘sua jin’ (broken yolk/balls) kick. BWAHAHAHAHA.

I am not advocating pre-marital sex but I think many clueless girls grew up with the wrong notion about virginity. If you value it highly and you hold it as sacred like most religious teachings require, then, for goodness sake, don’t play with fire. Pray and your Almighty will give you that strength. (I think so lah…) If you have no such strings attached, go ahead and enjoy it, but never use it as a trading card. Stupid, you know? I have seen so many young relatives who got themselves into teen pregnancies, married and eventually left a bunch of motherless kids behind simply because they screwed too early.

Damn, how did I come up with such a post? *scratch head*