The hymen that costs RM2 farking millions!

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I had been out the whole of today and didn’t manage to crap about the news I read somewhere. My eyebrows have to wait. Now we talk about that piece of cibai that costs RM2 millions, ok?

So, the news go like this. This girl had sex with a guy on the understanding that they will get married. They registered their marriage but later on, found that the man’s parents did not accept her. So, the balless man had to annul the marriage. Now, this spinster is going to sue him for RM2 million because she said she lost her virginity to him! RINGGIT MALAYSIA TWO FARKING MILLIONS, WEI.


So, all you virgins out there, you better treasure that RM TWO MILLION skin you are sitting on. Huge fortune you got there, don’t you think?

I teach you hor, after you lost it, sue and claim the RM2M, you can go for hymenoplasty which probably costs less than RM6K and then, recyle, reuse and reclaim.

Boleh faham? Phew….lucky I have no daughters. Or else we will be plotting how many RM 2 millions we are going to claim. Bwahahaha……*slaps self*


On a serious note….girls, before you open that pair of legs, know what you are in for. It is not to hold the guy accountable or to prove your love or to seal the relationship. You only do it because you think you are very sure you will enjoy it and you have to make sure that the next morning, you can do without him, in case of anything. If you have been brought up with strong religious backgrounds or conservative upbringing, never ever fark because you are a fool to think that guys care about that piece of hymen. They are not indebted. They don’t owe you anything.


If they are those who think of those who lost it as ‘used goods’, use your knees and give the jerk a ‘sua jin’ (broken yolk/balls) kick. BWAHAHAHAHA.

I am not advocating pre-marital sex but I think many clueless girls grew up with the wrong notion about virginity. If you value it highly and you hold it as sacred like most religious teachings require, then, for goodness sake, don’t play with fire. Pray and your Almighty will give you that strength. (I think so lah…) If you have no such strings attached, go ahead and enjoy it, but never use it as a trading card. Stupid, you know? I have seen so many young relatives who got themselves into teen pregnancies, married and eventually left a bunch of motherless kids behind simply because they screwed too early.

Damn, how did I come up with such a post? *scratch head*

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  1. Pre-marital sex has become increasingly common in this supposedly conservative Asian (not to say Muslim) society. Girls should really know how to protect themselves, not to give in to sexual temptations or that 15 minutes of bliss, lest they regret for a lifetime.

  2. I like your visual representation in this post…. he he… very appropriate one… πŸ˜‰

  3. “Phew….lucky I have no daughters”

    But you have sons! RM2 million each time, hmmm….how many sons do you have? Nowadays having sons also can go broke.

  4. I enjoy reading your blog and this one in particular made me laughed! You made very good points. The sad thing is there is no proper sex education in Malaysia. Be it boys or girls, I think they all should have proper sex education. They should learn to take responsibility for their own actions.

    So, if you teach your sons well, you no need to worry having to pay RM2 million lor… πŸ™‚

    Keep up the interesting blog!

  5. I like this post. you brought up this topic in a very interesting way. Yea, youngster nowadays think with their pussy and not the brain. When got preganant and got dumped only start crying. and the most kesian in this situation is not just the single mum but the children. A child grow up without a proper family and a father to take care of them. That is a very sad thing.

  6. ➑

    Well, πŸ‘Ώ I guess u twisted the story and the whole post is so biased and purposely crafted just to attract to visitors.

    To the commentors,

    Hymen thingee or not, how do you judge a guy backing off from marriage while he had commmited himself to his supposed to be life-partner?

    Mind you here, committed…! Even without sex, what do you think if you were on her shoes, registered for the marriage and suddenly, the useless parents decided ” well, this lady is too lousy to be my in law…”

    Common man, born with a dick doesn’t give you a birth right to just shoot around like no one’s business. If not, you all better to become dogs instead of human being.

    An example was this guy from…hmm….was it in KT….who never turned up for his wedding and got sued for mockering the submission of the bride? If you all still think that no action should be taken against the guy, you are the one having problems then.

    Don’t sing like a hero here because of your dick pride. Who knows, you maybe the one on the list to be caught red-handed.


  7. Read the news too. Very big news thim. First page news. My kaypo colleagues were openly discussing about it the other day. We wonder who is the one who lost that piece of cibai and dare to sue the one who take the piece RM2million. If she wins, it is going to make a history in Malaysia.

  8. why only 2mil?? she should ask additional bungalow and 1 mercz benz mah. However, all the money and additional items are still not enough to compensate her lost of virginity lah..even she sew cantik-cantik her hymen, the status is still unvirgin..Kesian…(If she get the 2million, then untung lah…hehe)

  9. I say, friend,why must you be so hard hitting in what you write, especially on sex. Can’t you be more soothing and sugar coat some of your definitions. I am not sure your BIG BOSS likes it or not but I approve. I like the punches you pull. The world today needs it too.

  10. “This girl had sex with a guy on the understanding that they will get married”

    amoi ah amoi … c’mon lah … thats her thought right ??? i thought i buy this piece of “BIG SWEEP” and will strike for the 1st prize, what if i dont ??? can i sue them and get back my RM3.00 ??? ….

    i think this is a very fair deal … i asked, u give, then i take …

    u see if we go to “kew kai” … we asked but they ask u to pay before they give ….

  11. WHAT? RM 2M? Folks, tie up ur children banana before they get married! πŸ˜€ Jus Kidding! πŸ˜†

  12. To commentor # 7 – No_hymen_fear

    Eh, you kena conned before issit? Don’t lah take it out on my commentors. Go sakit sendiri enough. You are not welcome on my blog to comment but I let it through anyway. For humor sake.

  13. To commentor # 11 – joehancl

    Keep the preaching to yourself, please. You are also not welcome to come and preach.

  14. Wahhhh RM 2 Millions for a cibai tiew , wonder how many Ham Chi Peng can buy arrr ? Calculator any1 ?
    This girl must be darn good looking to sue for this amount!
    So Ah Lian you staking out at the court to take her pic arrr ??? If so TQ in advance πŸ˜›

  15. Hahaha.this post is funny and the pictures are creative too!.I like how you wrote about this post.Personally i think girls should think carefully before engaging to sex.Its up to them if they want to do it or not.If they menyesal,sendiri tanggung la.

  16. Lorraine – Yeah, the message is loud and clear and yet there are morons who don’t get the main point and wanna tok yehsou with me pulak. Cis.

    BEH – Kenot lah, that girl from Kuching. Ask Cikgu Choonie to stalk. Maybe laced with gold.

  17. I am not that kaypo to stake at the court just to take pic. Just wait for the news in paper enuff liao. BUt if Ah Lian is interested, fly to Kuching and I have a spare room for you and may be can belanja you makan midin sarawak and kolok mee.

  18. well if you go to a lawyer he will say it is a breach of contract, void and voidable.hahahaha, any way let me tell you a short story, I used to be a car salesman in the 80’s in kl, well one day in walks this dirty old chinaman with this sweet young thing and he purchased this car, signed all the paperwork paid downpayment by check and the car was in the girls name and all that, fyi this was a friday, well we the salesman in the showroom were all with our tongues hanging out and just cursing our luck and cursing this dirty old apek, with gold chains multiple rings and merc and driver, the car was a bmw 3 series, than most probably the sweet young thing, went off for the weekend with apek and well hymen bye,bye, come monday check banked in,wednesday bank calls up saying check has gone boing2 very elastic and made of rubber, so the salesman calls the apek, no answer, no such number, calls the sweet young thing and tell her the the sale has been cancelled, well you can guess the rest lah, sweet young thing got played out by apek, she not only did not get the car but also lost the hymen… so let that be a lesson to all those sweet young things out there, get the car first before you open legs, πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ and beware of dirty old apeks,
    from finland

  19. Hi there, I came here from another blog. Definitely very interesting writings.Just hope the msg can through to all the young things out there.

  20. Very practical.

    love your no-nonsense post (laced with humor πŸ‘Ώ ). And the mix of hokien with Manglish is delicious…

    I remember an article about a catholic mother teaching his 12 year old son about condom. When the papers asked her if she was unwittingly encouraging pre-marital sex this way, her in-your-face answer was that it was this or end up a young grandmother or worse, have a son with STD…

  21. Why want to sue the guy? after all, both of them feel the ‘excitement’ right?

    this lady has a very conservative thinking! if she really treasure her cibai, then wait until got marry lah. hahaha… but still, she wanted to fark.

    Bo Hymen, Uh RM2M πŸ˜†

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