Dun pway-pway – Deputy CM of Penang linked me!

Wakahkahkah…now, you don’t mess with The Most Obnoxious 5xmom, I tell you.  Dun pway-pway with me hor?  You know why ah?

‘Cos the Deputy CM of Penang, Prof. Ramasamy blog oso got linked to 5xmom’s blog wan.  You don’t believe me ah?

The above is the screen shot.  The link is from Prof. Ramasamy’s archive.

On a serious note, this is Prof. Ramasamy”s About page I copied from YB’s blog :

Your Deputy Chief Minister of Penang, Member of Parliament for Batu Kawan and State Assemblyman for Prai. I was formerly visiting senior research fellow at the Institute for Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore. Also former professor of Political Economy, UKM and in 2005 visiting professor at University of Kassel, Germany. Academic and intellectual interests are in the political economy of labour and globalization. Served as advisor for Free Acheh Movement during the Helsinki Peace Talks 2006. Involved in the Sri Lankan peace process.

Lu mai siao-siao.  Wa chin ho liao leh?

*In case the clueless and the chun-tois don’t get the humor, this is just a humor post.  But then, how often do you get linked by the Deputy Chief Minister worrrrr…  So must fast-fast keep the archive.  And the fact that my cnp post about the ex-Penang CM made it doubly sweet.

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