Christian and the GE

Before I move on to the main topic of this blog, I wish to share a link given by Jinny. I bought the DVD titled “The Christian and the General Election: Core Issues” because ….oh well, you find out the reasons yourself. LOL.

I got it within the next day and I must say I am terribly pleased with the kind of efficiency from a local website. I paid the DVD by Paypal and it was delivered to me the next day by Pos Laju.

In our Catholic newsletter, we also have a list of MPs who are Catholics. Frankly speaking, it is irrelevant what religious faiths our politicians are as long as they serve with a heart and have the sincerity to help the poor, downtrodden and weak. Be it Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, freethinker, Sikhism, Christian or otherwise.

But as a Christian, I do have that little leap of joy in my heart to discover that some of the politicians I looked up to are Christians. In fact, I went, OMG, really, this guy is a Christian? He had been serving the community in Penang and never seem to get tired of being dissed year after year. (re : Chow Kon Yeow) Then, I found Ngeh is also one and I feel, “OIC…he seems so cool inspite of all those heated protests etc.”

Now, I am not being condescending but in order for us to claim to be followers of Christ, we need that little affirmation. We have to have some role models we look up to. Those people who somehow had struggled through hard times, helping the needy, sacrifice themselves and going out of the normal path of luxury and fame do have that extra push call ‘faith’. Faith does not necessary means my faith but it could be any other religion.

If you are a Christian, do find out what Lim Guan Eng said about Joshua and the walls of Jericho. The forum was held in January 2008, long before the election and now, looking back, you can shout Alleluia! The quality of the DVD is very clear and it has been snipped into small parts for easy viewing. (no, I won’t burn a DVD for you, you sendiri order yourself)


Now, the latest Herald featured this :


PAS MP visits church in Shah Alam. I will not quote anything because this newsletter is for private circulation amongst Catholics only. But this is one of the best news I have read from The Herald with regards to politics and the Malaysians. I want this to become the norm whereby people have no animosity against other faith, race or anything like that. For so many decades, we have been fed a lot of stuffs about PAS. But are they really that or is it just a MSM spin?

We shall have to wait and see. We shall have to pray that the three main coalition parties of Pakatan Rakyat will not have personality clashes.


I hope you can read the positive vibes from the PAS MP for Shah Alam towards the Christian community. There is another photo of PAS members in their white caps sitting with the parishioners (church folks) further down in the newsletter but I shall not post it for fear Menj get into a seizure and froth from his mouth. You know him lah, half naked man swinging from a cross and all. 😛 (this is a private joke, ok? don’t get offended)

So, I hope the new Pakatan Rakyat will help to bring us all closer together instead of being fearful of each other.


BTW, I read from Malaysiakini that Pakatan Rakyat is going to hold a huge ceramah in Batu Kawan on Monday. I want to go! But details are not finalised yet because apparently MPSP (the council in Seberang Perai) is giving them the run around.

MPSP sekat ceramah Pakatan Rakyat?
Apr 5, 08 1:44pm
Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai (MPPP) didakwa cuba menghalang program ceramah Pakatan Rakyat yang dijadualkan Isnin depan.

Ceramah itu akan disertai ketua menteri Pulau Pinang Lim Guan Eng, timbalannya Mohd Fairuz Khairudin, presiden PAS Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang dan naib presidennya Mohamad Sabu.

Menurut laporan, ia pada awalnya dijadualkan diadakan di stadium Batu Kawan tetapi terpaksa dibatalkan dengan alasan perlawanan bola sepak akan berlangsung di situ.

Yes, this is a very Yehsou-ish talk. It is a Sunday, after all.