Oysters adventure


We go to the beach because my little boy loves it. Yesterday, we went to Moonlight Bay which has lot of rocks. It was low tide and we were able to walk around those huge rocks that are higher than me.


There are lots of lives living amongst those rocks. Little crabs, barnacles, little snails and all sort of creatures. But this part of the beach has lots of oysters. Yes, those little white things are oysters. They normally thrive under huge rocks.


My atm dug out some huge ones. He challenged me to slurp them down. He dare not try. Me? Of course I dare. I had eaten bull’s penis too, you know? The water isn’t much more polluted than elsewhere so I won’t die of pollution as the fishes I ate everyday are caught in the same sea. The oysters were alive when he pried open the shells. Just minutes ago, they were squirting water. So, no chance of any food poisoning.

Moreover, atm thought I don’t dare to stomach it. Of course I dare. Slurps….

I do expect a toilet run but nope, I survive to tell the tale. Don’t try it. It may kill you. I am different. I am a blogger, remember?

18 thoughts on “Oysters adventure

  1. I ate a very fresh and squeky cleaned oyster also want to pengsan already..ahaha feel like fear factor pulak eating raw oyster..I salute u 5xmom!! TERROR lah can eat oyster tangkap direct from laut!

  2. NO waaaaaayyyyy..

    I tried the ones from buffet in a HOTEL and I went down for a whole week… bad food poisoning.

    Supposedly frost-blasted from Korea even!

    No more oysters for me! EVER!

  3. shadowfox – I love oysters, raw salmon, tuna, sotong, prawns…Only thing that stop me is $$$.

    bryan – Penangite also, we boh kia si wan.

    kadusmama – My hubby said if we stranded on some remote island, also can survive. Somemore the taste good wor, so lemak and salty. But it is rather small lah, compared to those huge NZ ones.

  4. šŸ˜› Ehh, I got partner oredi!

    I love raw oysters and sashimi also lar altho my hubs not very into it. Must go there to cari free raw oyster liau… šŸ™‚

    Sometimes I go buy the whole salmon fish from 1 of the main wholesaler and make my own sashimi but can’t finish it and have to keep the fish for weeks….

    Next time I buy, can invite you to help me makan….

  5. I tak mau makan yang fresh too. Hubby likes fresh oysters. He can wallop more than twenty at one time (at hotel oyster’s buffet). Salute 5xmom!

  6. Of course it wont kill you, you dont have red tide there. To prevent toliet run, next time bring some lime & a bottle of SAKI and you are in heaven!

  7. lilian blogger extraordinare~

    *wooot wooot*

    TEAM LILIAN! Hidup Penang! Malaysia Boleh! Bolehland Boleh-lah!

  8. Was it yummy? I only dare to eat oysters either with lemon or better still, cooked.

    And oh, they say it’s a form of aphrodisiac leh. lol

  9. Lemon or no lemon if it has bacteria inside its internal organs you’re gonna get very sick.

    If you get hit by vibrio vulnificus it will eat your internal organs.

    This can be very life threatening food especially for asthma patients.

    No thanks, never again for me… Nearly died.

  10. Haih maybe they don’t get it!!! the BLOG ate the oyster… whether Lilian eat the oyster is subject to speculation kan…?

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