We go to the beach because my little boy loves it. Yesterday, we went to Moonlight Bay which has lot of rocks. It was low tide and we were able to walk around those huge rocks that are higher than me.


There are lots of lives living amongst those rocks. Little crabs, barnacles, little snails and all sort of creatures. But this part of the beach has lots of oysters. Yes, those little white things are oysters. They normally thrive under huge rocks.


My atm dug out some huge ones. He challenged me to slurp them down. He dare not try. Me? Of course I dare. I had eaten bull’s penis too, you know? The water isn’t much more polluted than elsewhere so I won’t die of pollution as the fishes I ate everyday are caught in the same sea. The oysters were alive when he pried open the shells. Just minutes ago, they were squirting water. So, no chance of any food poisoning.

Moreover, atm thought I don’t dare to stomach it. Of course I dare. Slurps….

I do expect a toilet run but nope, I survive to tell the tale. Don’t try it. It may kill you. I am different. I am a blogger, remember?