Every time I go to this stretch of the beach, I get very pissed. They have cut the hill bare, the laterite earth exposed. Huge and heavy machineries raping the hill and there are plenty of dust and smoke.


For the sake of building 22 luxurious villas, they trampled on the hill that is suppose to retain water for the island. It is suppose to be green hills but now, it is covered by ugly cement. Notice the ‘Individual Title’?


The ugly sight tourists see when they are on their way to the beaches in Batu Ferringhi on Penang island.


S.O.B. What grass is greener at the top? You have farking steamrolled them to build your snobbish homes.


Muthafarker, you took a whole hill and still mock at Mother Nature?


Come live amongst the hill that sings to the tune of your success.

KNN, this sounds like a verse out of the Bible when people go to the hills to celebrate Jesus the Saviour birth. They just have to rub it in to us Penangites that they are rich and hence, they can rape the hills which will cause heavy toil on the environment. I hope their homes become ‘Jack and Jill’ one day.

This, my dear friends, is why I am so pleased that the previous State Government run by the Barisan Nasional has bungkus and tapau out of my island. They gave out land titles to their friends to build luxurious homes while the poor petani and farmers who toiled their whole lives have to continue squatting on leased hold titles until someone buys up the land at 20 sen per sq ft from them and sell it for 20K for profits and kick them out without a home and source of income. (just an illustration, ok?)

This is also why I am hoping our new CM who is in charge of land matters will make life very difficult for all these developers. Go, Mr. CM, go.

**Don’t quote the project and developer’s name here, ok? I don’t want to get sue. But the project is along the Moonlight bay.