The things a blogger gets..haih…

Someone wrote a very, very, very, very, very long email to me. I had actually put into thrash as I couldn’t possible read them all.

So, since I have nothing much to blog, let’s see who can read and understand what the below mail says.
*takes bucket to puke, dial Ah Beng’s number to hire hitman to kill self*

Note this : Preachers not welcome.

Trivia Tuesday! Name me all the nuts you see. 🙂


sunny tan wrote:
Hi Chan lilian. I got to ur website from forum and I happen to read bout your
conversion to Christianity.

No, I’m not going to condemn you about it or anything ( There’s no point to it
and lucky your not a malay else, you won’t be able to change…even if you want
to )

Just wanna share my thought to you from a buddhist. I’m happy to hear that you
have found life is greener on the other side of the fence since your
conversion. One thing for sure is that Buddha won’t “punish” you or
anything if you leave. There’s no bad karma for that.

I do have to agree with you that there’s a lot more nice Christian people
around as they believe they’ll earn merit point for showing mankind the
better religion. I use to have Indian Christian going around my neighborhood
trying to talk to people about Christian. It’s like member get member thing.
Its amazing how deep is their devotion and believe towards their religion.


I’ve been “baptized” to be a Taoist before. It was thanks to my god-sis
in Singapore when I was working there and it work the same as Christianity
member-get-member thing. But in Taoism, I was required to sign a form for it.
Imagine signing a form to join a religion. In the form, I need to have an
introducer and she have to be a guarantor that I’m of a good moral behavior
before I can join. (mean my god-sis think I’m a good guy…he he). The rest
of my Taoism story is another story.I didn’t stay long however. I prefer to
be called a Buddhist rather than a Taoist. My Buddhist root has been too long
to dug out.
I don’t want to turn her down so that’s why I join for a while. It’s not
like joining Islam or anything.

One of the deficient things about being a Buddhist is the lack of awareness for
it as we seldom have Sunday class or anything to learn more about Buddhism and
his teaching. All children nowadays know about Buddhism is the things to do and
not to do but not the teaching.

I learn a lot about Buddhism from watching the movie journey to the west (HK
series). In the stories, there’s a lot of explanation about all the different
Chinese god and their stories. And the rest of my understanding only come when
I was curious enough to go and DIY searching the internet.

macadamia nuts

Buddhism is actually a path or a teaching by Gautama Buddha of enlightenment
that is to break the cycle of rebirth. “He realized complete awakening and
insight into the nature and cause of human suffering which was ignorance, along
with steps necessary to eliminate it.”

“When I was older, I did read up some Buddhist books and found it to be
severely strict like not eating meat , not placing money and outer beauty as
priority , and not doing all those things like drinking, lying, etc etc. I was
about like, 20 years old then and therefore, know that I cannot live up to that
kind of lifestyles”


It is sad to know that your interpretation of Buddha’s teaching as such.
Unless you want to be enlightened and end human suffering, Buddha has shown the
way to do it. A lot of us is not ready to receive what heaven have meant for us
thus the saying opportunity comes only once and such. I believe it is not yet
your turn to be the holy one. If you think that your time on earth is complete
and you want the end of the cycle, Buddha are able to show you a way. Thus
it’s ok if you were to eat meat, put outer beauty as priority etc but still
be a good Buddhist. Don’t be surprise to learn that there is monks that eat
meat as well. Smoking….that’s another one. Buddhism is not a strict
religion and God or other Buddhist won’t punish you if you didn’t follow
the rules (Unlike another religion ie: Islam)

Betel nut

It does not mean that there is no law in Buddhism but its just that Buddha have
never force anything on anyone before. Thus the saying “ there’ve never been
a drop of blood loss before in the name of Buddha”.

I do know that in Christianity, you can eat anything under the sky but just ask
your conscience…..go and kill a life chicken and eat it. Do you not feel bad
about it? Can you sleep soundly at night watching and hearing the chicken die?
As a living thing (like dog) how do you think the chicken would feel if it were
to know that it’ll have to die just so it’s owner can have a full stomach?
Dogs have shown to have the ability to have emotion as it’s been said that if
you were to eat dog meat, other dogs can smell it and might be hostile towards
you. If you want, I can send you an email I’ve receive showing a dog in China
that have just learn about it’s friend that have just been knock down by
vehicle and it was seen barking at passing by vehicle. Yes, animal have
feelings too.

I’ve learn in Buddhism that if you must eat meat, you’re to refrain from
watching the killing of the animal. That’s why I would totally disagree
about another religion so called mass sacrifice of animal during their big
religion day. Why they don’t sacrifice their life instead, that’ll be the
best sacrifice…sigh

nutella banana bread

It is sad that those around you have an extreme way of looking at thing about
karma. If we were to blame everything on karma, we might not need doctor at
all. Why setup hospital? If got accident, just blame karma and let that person
die. Their days are up….they’ve done too many bad thing and that’s what
they deserve. Only god can say if bad thing that happen around is due to karma
or not.

I’m sad to hear that about your son. As Adibah Noor’s lyric, “tuhan lebih
menyayangimu (the children)” In Buddhism, all children under a certain age (
as in Ying Ying case, 6 y/o. I’m not sure what exact age) goes automatically
to heaven as they’re pure. I’ve learn that in Christianity, they do not
believe in reincarnation but you do have to know that it is there way before
Christianity existed and there is much controversy regarding Christianity and
reincarnation. Try search google
( Do read this
one as well :

My view on reincarnation, if you can find a great hypnotist and hypnotize you,
he’ll be able to tell you who you were in your previous life. How do you
explain cases of people being born talented (ability to show talent in things
they’ve never learnt before) unless they’ve mastered it in their previous

I’ve read extensively about karma before and not all bad things are bad
karma. It is only how you see it. In karma, even good parents that have been
the best example in life can have a sick / bad / deficiency in any way children
etc. The explanation, both of them have been here before and they failed to
complete their final journey in karma (If you complete all your karma points,
you’re the next best thing to a living god on earth) and they have failed
previously. Thus now in this lifetime, they’re given another chance to be
given a not normal child to take care of and not complain about it and to raise
them up the best they can. If they manage to complete their task, their karma
would be close for that test. It does explain in the book that I’ve read as
well that no one person can have too many task to complete in a lifetime (karma
redemption) ie: too many bad luck.

You can learn about your karma from your name. Do read it up if you’re
curious of what you’re suppose to complete in this lifetime

I’m not sure about you but I’ve always heard this thing called rich man’s
disease. Be it cancer, live threatening disease etc. I seldom hear normal
people’s children got it though. Maybe God knew that it would be easier for
those who can afford it to endure it than poor people. Everyone would have a
chance to go through it in reincarnation. You would need strength of steel to
go thru life being poor and not be able to save your child from disease what
others can afford for example.

seacoconut and coconuts

The argument is the same with ghost on earth. Why is there spirit that won’t
leave the earth when they die? Most of the time is because their time is not
yet up or they have left things undone over here or that they have died a
violence dead thus they wanted revenge and can’t leave the earth peacefully.
It’s the same with reincarnation where when a soul has not yet be able to
complete its task in a single lifetime, they’re reborn again.

Have you experience before the feeling of “I’ve known this guy/girl from
somewhere before”. If you can’t remember who he/she is, it might be someone
who you’ve known before in your previous lifetime and are close to them.
Wonder how you can be close to someone w/o much effort as compare to others?

In Buddhism, if you’re enlightened, you’re said to be in a state of
nirvana. If you search the internet, there have been others who have managed to
do it as well even though they’re not Buddhist. They found it from advance
level of meditation. Their relationship with God is in another level where
they’re said to be able to communicate directly with God ie: 2 way
conversation. But that is another story. I’m just pointing out that what
Buddha is teaching towards enlightenment is true.

About the after life, my own experience is that when my grandmother died, her
funeral was not done properly. Then one day when my mom were to communicate
with one of those medium, she told my mom that there’s a old women who is
suffering in hell and bullied and wanted to talk to her. She found out that it
was her mom and she (gma) was bullied in hell as none of her children have done
her a proper funeral thus my mom and sibling went to move her ashes from kl to
penang with a place chosen by my grandma. She want to be able to look at hill
and that was exactly the only place left in the funeral home. Her new
“place” was leaking when it rain same as the one my mom told me of
grandma’s house that keep leaking water.

I hope you’ll understand that I’m not trying to get you back to Buddhism or
trying to create disbelieve about your new found religion. It is like love in
its purest condition ie: if you love something, let it go. If you have a better
life after knowing Christianity, I’m sure you’ll have Buddha’s blessing as

Ps: I wouldn’t say the same thing if you happen to go and marry a malay guy
and convert to Islam. But that is another story ?

I’ll stop here for the time being. I hope I’ve not offended you in any way
but if I do, please allow me to apologize for it and for wasting your time
reading what I have to say.


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  1. hey lilian he is harmless.. buddhist believe in reincarnation… except until u do super good..then u go nirvarna….. like haven la… dunno if they meet god there or not….maybe ah we also meet buddha i heaven wor next time we go there… lol

  2. Fulamak, that’s one super looooooooooooooooooooooooooong email! 😯

    Try reply him/her “Yeah, ok.” (only 2 words) and see. Haha…

  3. Bryan – Cincai mah, people spend dunno how many hours to write that so I mah share lor. If not people say I biased. 😀

    raymond – I get hungry staring at that piece of bread

    rachaellim – Long never mind but so darn confusing. I only manage the first para and the last sentence. LOL

    sooi2 – You mean to say nuts thrive in sunny weather, issit? 😛

  4. Hahahahaha!!! I like all the fav is Nutella! Get a spoon and dig into the jar! Yummy man… What camera do you use to take all your nice pics?

    I can’t believe this person wrote such a lengthy email and furthermore many things he said is incorrect about Buddhism.

  5. wah..really grandmother life story… did he really expect you to finish reading that??

  6. As one of my classmates wrote in Standard 5, ” my kelapa( exact spelling) pusing already” . Since when is cancer a rich man’s disease, obviously Mr Pious has never been to a cancer clinic. and he’s ok to eat meat if they dont watch the killing?? What kind of cockeyed logic is that?? So its a sin to kill but if I blindfold myself then it ok???
    Lilian, now that you have taken to “illustrate ” your post with pictures.. does that mean we might be “treated ” to a “name me all the ‘sai’ you see” LOL

  7. I saw peanut,hazel nut, almond nut, coconut, cashewnut, nutella..and i also become nuts already reading Mr.Pious lengthly ‘love letter’ to you..cannot finish read liao..

  8. 😯

    ok i didn’t bother to read

    y leh some ppl so wut about religion..just believe in wut u believe..n dun condemn others

    religion is a beautiful brings ppl together in la some ppl wana cari gaduh n create disharmony! write such a long one wana read oso!


  9. Sigh.

    The Hitman will go over to your place after he has HIT ME!!!

    He meant well. But his understanding towards the religion is somewhat ‘serong’ already. He is learning from TVB serials, internet. I have also never come across individuals having to sign a ‘liability’ form to join a religion. Sounds more like a triad this way.

    A religion is pure. It is how an individual accepts, practices and interprets it. Being religious is from within and not by preaching how good the religion is or how bad another religion is. When the heart is pure, you are ONE with your Great Divine.

    You can’t go around telling others you are religious becos you pray 10 times a day. Even if you pray 10 times a day, its for your self ‘enlightenment’. It is for others to know and boast about? You get me?

    Oh, btw I am a freethinker.

    Eh!!! Got pretty girls emailing you for advice ar? Forward to me. Bwahahaha!!!

  10. Peanut, hazelnut, sea coconut, macadamia, nutmeg?, betel nut, nutella, coconut…correct?

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    Nice article about the nuts….

  13. wah.. this sunny made me feel so blond … I only enjoyed the pictures in this post … the only gist i got was I Buddhist You Christian.. Kill chickens… or was that not what he wrote???

  14. I tried to be polite and read the entire post. Then after few para, my eyes got a lil blur and I had to blink non-stop. Then I scroll down and see, WALAO. so long. Sorry la, I terus skip to comment.

    Mata also rosak d la. I read till coconut nia. 😯

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    pablo – Hahaha, I don’t have a freaking idea except that I love to pry open a live oyster which has a life of its own, tear out the poor oyster and ate it. Does this means I will go to oyster hell?

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  17. dear lilian, i read the email. once. twice. thrice. and i still don’t get this guy’s point… am i dumb? 😕 😉

  18. 😆 I stop reading when he said that he learn a lot about Buddhism from watching Journey to the West movie… He learn a LOT from just watching a movie 😆 can’t stop laughing 😆 Enough said, I really do not like this kind of people.. “My religion is better than your’s”, these “holier than thou” kind of people. But still 😆 learn a LOT from a movie…

  19. My buddhist friend would have slapped him til kingdom come if he said he learn about Buddhism from ‘Journey to the West’ movie/drama. :mrgreen:

    Initially, I thought it was only a few paragraphs long, and I was wondering why you were asking us to count the nuts. Then as I read, I begin to see an endless stream of nut photos. Where lah is the last nut photo so that the story can end?!

  20. 😯 What a lan long comment you ‘ve gotten!

    He’s very concerned, but I think some parts of his interpretation on Buddhism is not correct la… But different people got different views..

    My conclusion of the day — Aunty Lilian, this guy is terribly in love with you … hiak hiak hiak

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    maybe has become a virtual psychotherapist couch

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  23. panjang belaka. im buddhist too. what’s the pretty-looking nut, the one with the red streaks? looks like a seed.

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