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Cindy Tey is the winner of Malaysian Dreamgirls


I am getting tired of reading all the blame games carried out by the UMNO top leaders. Pak Lah blames bloggers, Indians, Tun M, UMNO members etc.

Tun M blames Pak Lah.

Ku Li blames Pak Lah.

Pak Lah’s ball carriers blame Ku Li and Tun M.

And it goes on.

Meanwhile, over at Malaysian Dreamgirls, Fiqa blames Cindy for stealing her shoes. Nadia blames Cindy for stealing her tomatoes. Cindy’s father blamed Malaysian Dreamgirls video for the biased editing. Hanis said Cindy put on a slang. Cindy said ‘WTF, she cannot even speak English.’ Nadia said Cindy is a bitch. Cindy said Nadia scolded her ‘pukimak’.

So, it is one big blame fest over at UMNO politics and Malaysian Dreamgirl dreamhouse.

You notice the similarity too?

Anyway, I read Cindy’s blog (Cindy blog is here at http://hotpinkchili.blogspot.com/) and frankly, she is not as teruk as the Malaysian Dreamgirl video editing portrayed her. I find someone else much more fake. I say Malaysian Dreamgirls reality tv is as farked up as UMNO politics. Seriously, we do not care about characters, we are only interested to see model quality. We want to see people delivering the jobs, whether in politics or modelling.

Ish, what do I care about both? Not like I waste RM1 for an SMS or I can ever qualified to join UMNO.

I wonder out of these seven girls in Malaysian Dreamgrils, who is going to be the winner of the 1st ever Malaysia Dreamgirls?

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