Arggghhh!!! Nightmare!

Now the blogosphere has been invaded by politicians who blog. I just heard from SKThew’s blog that Chua Soi Lek blogs. And true enough, our hero and stud really keep a blog worrrr…

Chua Soi Lek blog is

He is a good man, really. For being a true gentleman who stepped down when the scandal broke out.

But a bad husband (as far as I am concerned).

I do not know about the minister part.

But horr…Doc Chua, though I applaud you for blogging about your thoughts to help MCA, I wonder how are you going to clear those posts about you from the internet? There are hundreds of pages there.

And some cilaka fella must have reported me to Google because my personal blog suddenly don’t rank for any of the politicians’ name anymore.

But I got to thank whoever reported it and got my blog de-indexed for those names. You know why? These politicians won’t be able to find the posts where I dissed them! Nyek, nyek, nyek. I am safe. My ka’chng is safe because suddenly, I cannot find my own blog when I search for Chua Soi Lek. Pheww…those personal friend talks got buried. It used to be on page 1. Thank you, Mr. Who-reported-my blog to Google. You just saved me.

So, fellow bloggers. Now that every politicians have gotten on the blogging bandwagon, do you dare to diss with the same ferocity? Talk is cheap. But what if they found your post and sue you when your allegations are without basis? From now on, I think I will weigh things before I lambast because they are now bloggers!