Happy marn-chee-keok day

During Ching Ming, one of my brother-in-law bought a whole roasted siew chee. He struck 4-D every year before Ching Ming. So, every Ching Ming he will sponsor a siew chee to offer to his parents (my parents-in-law). One siew chee costs about RM300-RM400.

The sil gave me half a chee’s head, with tongue and teeth and ear plus a few slices of meat. Ewwss…

I was grumbling to my dear atm that I feel shortchanged ‘cos those parts meant for choy keok are not meaty. He insisted that he did take the foreleg of the chee. I told him, more like the nails of the chee. Blek, where are the crispy skin? I already told my sil that I want to marn chee keok and I marn the best chee keok on earth.

I had bought a few heads of kai choy and hum choy, tomatoes, carrots, lemon grass and and etc so I am now marning-chee keok with kai choy.

chinese horoscope - pig, rat (2008)

In case you don’t know what is a chee, nay, the above golden colour one. Except that’s a wild one.

If you want to get the recipe for kiam chye boey, or choy keok, you can have the recipe for chye boey here.


Since I got back to eating meat, I have grown so FAT! My jeans feel like ketupat casing. In case you do not know what is ketupat casing, it is the tight casing covering the blob of rice, about to burst. I am in dire need to cutting down my meat intake.

And someone just offered me some detox programme. Jeng, jeng, jeng….When I start it, it is going to be seven days of whining about ‘how I miss meat and pigging out’.


Yes, I am going on a detox programme. Yes, I am going on a detox programme.
Yes, I am going on a detox programme. Yes, I am going on a detox programme.
Yes, I am going on a detox programme. Yes, I am going on a detox programme.

Right after I am satisfied with eating my choy keok.

7 thoughts on “Happy marn-chee-keok day

  1. Rm300-400 can get meh??? Give me the butcher’s contact. He spoil market liao.

    Detox??? Enema ar? Bwahahaha!!!

  2. Wahh, got choy keok also don’t take picture and show us…..already don’t to rasa it, at least tease us with the picture mah…
    Sorry, my wife and I go crazy over choy keok, especially those already kept for few days one….
    Aiyo, my mouth already water liu liu thinking of it, no choice have to ask my SIL to make oledi, beh tahan.
    Also, how come siew chee in Penang so cheap meh? Trying doubling that in KL….
    Detox work one meh? After that flabby one right? I still believe the old fashion way of exercise lah…no short cut one loh…sweat it out 5xmom(want to eat salty fish must be able to stand the thrist:translated from cantonese).
    He,he,he šŸ™‚

  3. yum yum! can’t wait to try that recipe…. er.. can ask for the detox programme ah? Me been toxifying my body since Chinese New Year before last….

  4. 7 days detox ka? maybe its the same one i did leh… won’t die one kekeke in fact i felt so good after it! just need to be creative in making salads šŸ˜‰ good luck and have fun.

  5. hahah…just ketupat casing is stil okay.

    just don’t get to the muffin stage šŸ˜³ šŸ˜€

    overflowing. :mrgreen:

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