I felt like hungry ghost at Sushi King RM2 promo

Wuah…today I si beh pai seh. We went to e-Gate to buy a keyboard and hor, Sushi King got RM2 per plate promo. So, there was this crowd outside, queuing in the hot 12 noon burning sun.

My kid pulak suddenly insisted he wants to eat kaninehmayo and tamago. We tried to negotiate with him by offering KFC, Secret Recipe and Old Town. He suddenly burst into tears and cried, “I want susie keen”.

Cilaka. He memang pro in bursting into tears. My older sons said he is going to be an ahkua one day with his emo-anytime-can-cry manja-ness if we continue to encourage that. Cilaka. He is just a baby, ok?

So, what do good parents do in situation like that? We also queue up and gave our names lor. Aiyor, I felt sooooooo paiseh……Hot afternoon sun, long queue, standing at the corridor while the lunch crowds passing by must be thinking, “Hungry ghost meh? Never eat sushi before meh? Can save how much lah? With RM2, you can eat one bowl of wantan mee with wantan, char siew, kai see and sawi. Why so bodoh go get con by the promo lah? Kurang-kurang, you ended up spending RM20 for a bunch of rice and uncooked fish.”


In the end, my kid only ate one plate of kaninehmayo and tamago. He refused to eat the rice so both of us poor parents have to stuff white, vinegared rice into our mouth. Wutudo….if we leave it, people may think we are wasteful.

As for me, I am not a sushi person. I only like tempura and sashimi (the raw fish without the rice). But boh pien, since I haven’t had my breakfast yet, I stuffed two plates of salmon (red plates) and one plate of tempura prawn.

Never again. Next time if my kid pull the stunt again, I am going to let him cry till he puke outside Sushi King while I sit down comfortably for my Nanyang white coffee or caramel cheesecake.

17 thoughts on “I felt like hungry ghost at Sushi King RM2 promo

  1. Sushi King is quite expensive actually. Going to Queensbay Mall to get sushi from Jusco is much more affordable. One box of sushi with 12-15 pieces there costs only RM12.88.

  2. I go around 1.30 p.m at Queensbay. Only 2 customers waiting to be seated before me. I can never be patient like you. šŸ™‚

  3. I was leaving starbucks E-gate this morning at around 11ish and I already saw ppl waiting. I was thinking, “Wah, yau mou kow chor..so early come and wait ady”.

  4. wmd – :mrgreen: Sushi King opens at 11.30 am and these people waited since before 11 am so the Sushi King guy told us they had to open early. šŸ™„

    rzmie – Yesterday I passed by Gurney Plaza branch, lagi dasyat. šŸ˜† All packed.

    cindy – Boh pien, spoilt brat liao.

    andy – Yalor, why people eat so much I also dunno why. Cos RM2 per plate still a lot of money if we compare with a bowl of noodle or char koay teow in Penang.

  5. If i lah..i’m not going to entertain my son if he asked me to buy something that require me to Q’ long-long. Just kasi besar my eyes and son terus diam. Hehe Lucky lah your son to have mommy like you..

  6. LOL! Kids will always be kings of the households, especially the youngest!

    I am sure if he pulls the stunt again, he will still get his susie keen.

  7. I’m sure you cannot runaway from ur son stunt next time. =D Kids, once they show the puppy eyes with filled with tears hor… very sudah to say dun want to them.

    That’s why I also always have to give in to them. šŸ™‚

  8. Me also went sushi keen yesterday night with my frens..Ate 7 plates only..

    All we ate is unagi, salmon, unagi, salmon, unagi, salmon..

  9. last monday, i went to queensbay and saw people queueing up until so long, I was thinking, Sushi nia ma, sai em sai? Siao one, all stand like gong kia while I go makan sakae sushi.

    Today šŸ˜³ I sendiri go line up at Prangin Mall mia sushi king. damn sia sui..all because my cousin ajak me and promised to belanja..he so good, dowan turn him down. T_________T people sure look at me n say, sushi nia ma, sai em sai?

  10. on tuesday i went to Gurney and i saw outside sushi so crammed with people for dinner. walauweh the staff brought out 3 benches! owhmegosh! so i canceled and had dinner at A&W, with worse service and food. Should go eat Laksa kedai no 42 at the hawker outside there, got my favorite muah chee summore. damn la..

  11. Dotter never says go eat Sushi but eaa theaa ….
    Queensbay Jusco eaa theaa after 8.30pm got Opper la so be a cheappy and go after 8.30pm … Me never like this creepy and cold looking food …

  12. HOW COME I DUNO ABOUT THE RM2 PROMO WAN?? y nobody tell me!? over edi ar? eeee..i purposely get the card to wait for this day wann!! ishh!!! šŸ˜„

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