Wuah…today I si beh pai seh. We went to e-Gate to buy a keyboard and hor, Sushi King got RM2 per plate promo. So, there was this crowd outside, queuing in the hot 12 noon burning sun.

My kid pulak suddenly insisted he wants to eat kaninehmayo and tamago. We tried to negotiate with him by offering KFC, Secret Recipe and Old Town. He suddenly burst into tears and cried, “I want susie keen”.

Cilaka. He memang pro in bursting into tears. My older sons said he is going to be an ahkua one day with his emo-anytime-can-cry manja-ness if we continue to encourage that. Cilaka. He is just a baby, ok?

So, what do good parents do in situation like that? We also queue up and gave our names lor. Aiyor, I felt sooooooo paiseh……Hot afternoon sun, long queue, standing at the corridor while the lunch crowds passing by must be thinking, “Hungry ghost meh? Never eat sushi before meh? Can save how much lah? With RM2, you can eat one bowl of wantan mee with wantan, char siew, kai see and sawi. Why so bodoh go get con by the promo lah? Kurang-kurang, you ended up spending RM20 for a bunch of rice and uncooked fish.”


In the end, my kid only ate one plate of kaninehmayo and tamago. He refused to eat the rice so both of us poor parents have to stuff white, vinegared rice into our mouth. Wutudo….if we leave it, people may think we are wasteful.

As for me, I am not a sushi person. I only like tempura and sashimi (the raw fish without the rice). But boh pien, since I haven’t had my breakfast yet, I stuffed two plates of salmon (red plates) and one plate of tempura prawn.

Never again. Next time if my kid pull the stunt again, I am going to let him cry till he puke outside Sushi King while I sit down comfortably for my Nanyang white coffee or caramel cheesecake.