I do not know what gay is, not until Freddie Mercury was dead

Something just occured to me. I was watching this Youtube video by David Bowie and Queen “Under Pressure” and I just realised something very huge.

I think Freddie Mercury reigned in the 70s and 80s and that was during my second bro’s ‘era’. We watched a lot of music video and though I know that Freddie Mercury is gay, I do not actually know what gays do. Serious! I have a Freddie Mercury cross dressing in the I want to break free song over here.

Anyway…I have a deluge of reviews to do these few days. If you notice my blog aggregator, I am churning out blog posts more often then I shit in real life. So, that’s why I have the Under Pressure song in my mind.

A while ago, I was thinking of how to crap some stuffs and I got carried away with this RM265 thing with studs.


So, I relief pressure with it. Hehehe, it is NOT what you are thinking, ok? Just that the thought of a RM265 thing seems so evil and nice.

BTW, do you know that Freddie Mercury and Queen sang Bismillah in the Bohemian Rhapsody? He went, Bismillah… (meaning of Bismillah : “In the name of God, or rather In the name of Allah). Now, do you wonder if people threaten to boycott them back then? For example, say they are making a mockery of the Queen’s name or something?

Video at about 3:35.

I know I don’t make a lot of senses in this post. But heck, it is always fun to listen to Queen.

7 thoughts on “I do not know what gay is, not until Freddie Mercury was dead

  1. i love Queen. back in US my host brother pasang Queen song all the time when go to school and balik from school.

    i HONESTLY never knew that there was bismillah in it. I really wonder if whether our government will ban that song now because I bet majority politicians out there regardless of what race and religion would at least like Queen. They grew those age kan??? kan??

    Now that explains why got song titled “Men Reading Fashion Magazine” or whatever the title was. Well the songs are all rock!

  2. azhan – I have listened to the song many times and never notice it too. The other day, American Idol Michael Johns sang it so well but it was chopped off due to timing. Now…if this song is produced in this era, habis lah, more flag burning. I think people were much more open minded then. Gosh, we are like getting more kolot lah.

  3. I believe Freddie Mercury was a zoroastrian. Or muslim. Or at least some associated religion close to Islam. Which might explain why it’s in the lyrics. Thought it was rather cool actually.

  4. Actually having said that, I’m now thinking the link between Zoroastrian and Islam isn’t as close as I thought. Time for me to go back and read up my religions šŸ˜³

  5. Actually, I noticed the bismillah word “Bismillah, no, we won’t let him go” or something like that. Have always tried to sing this song but can’t catch up. It’s a masterpiece of a song, I must say.

  6. Hi,
    Yup, Bohemian Rhapsody, definitely the greatest song of all time. Freddie actually was born in Zanzibar and I read somewhere that he grew up around Muslim people, thus the Bismillah line.

  7. yeah, that line is there. Bohemian Rhapsody happens to be one of my most favourite Queen songs of all time. there’s just something so… theatrical about it.

    wahhh… so long oso i never comment on this blog! heh. šŸ˜‰

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