By now, every idiots, whether literate or illiterate probably heard and seen Sufiah Yusof’s hot photos. I do not wish to write about Sufiah Yusof but rather, the funny feelings I have after I read the blog of the Yusof family.

Sufiah Yusof’s mom and siblings have a blog (but I am not giving the URL). As a mother to another mother, I expected to stumble on the lamentations of a woman whose daughter has become world famous prostitute. If it is my daughter out there on the Asian hot girl webcam, I will have two choices. One is to disappear and two is to punch myself and ask where did I go wrong.

But our dear Sufiah Yusof’s mom focussed on how marvellous she is in bringing up five prodigies and urge people to subscribe to the newsletter to learn how to learn mathematics. Oooohhh…all you moms out there, do subscribe. British pound 130 is a lot of money, you know?

Now, I had heard through the hush-hush from UK much earlier that Sufiah Yusof’s father, a Pakistani had gotten the British government to provide them homes (which I understood are given to needy families). Mr. Yusof is a prodigy’s father, remember? So, what I was told is he was able to get the different councils (like different states lah) to give him a home in all locations. So, when they found out, they nabbed him and it was followed by those child molesting cases as well.

So, I heard that he is apparently a crook (and maybe child molester). But apparently, some buta Malaysians left comment there on the Yusof family’s blog that ‘Ini mesti kerja (conspiracy) kerajaan British untuk menfitna bapa Sufiah, sebab itu Sufiah pun memberontak’. (this idiot blamed the British government for wrongly accused Mr Yusof (though he doesn’t deserve the Mr.) and caused Sufiah to rebel). Kanasai, now I know how stupid Malaysians are.

But then, he is not as stupid as the one who proposed the ‘Save Sufiah Programme’. That is the biggest moron of all. My dear friends, don’t you agree that it is the most bodoh proposal? Firstly, Sufiah’s father is a Pakistani. Secondly, Sufiah’s mom had been living in UK and is a UK citizen. Thirdly, Sufiah is enjoying her life as a ‘Pretty Woman’. Fourthly, Sufiah is old enough to decide whom she wants to screw and recite mathematical equations to bring him to orgasm (Sufiah’s own description). Fifthly, the money used to fly the bengang punya orang to save Sufiah can easily be used to save many kids with health problems.


IMHO, Sufiah Yusof is so pretty and her body is great (or the photoshop skills is good, whichever) and I wish her well in however she choose to live her life. As for the mom, I really have nothing to say. I hope she become world famous for her teaching programs due to Sufiah’s exposure.