IMHO, Sufiah Yusof’s mom seems so fake and conniving

By now, every idiots, whether literate or illiterate probably heard and seen Sufiah Yusof’s hot photos. I do not wish to write about Sufiah Yusof but rather, the funny feelings I have after I read the blog of the Yusof family.

Sufiah Yusof’s mom and siblings have a blog (but I am not giving the URL). As a mother to another mother, I expected to stumble on the lamentations of a woman whose daughter has become world famous prostitute. If it is my daughter out there on the Asian hot girl webcam, I will have two choices. One is to disappear and two is to punch myself and ask where did I go wrong.

But our dear Sufiah Yusof’s mom focussed on how marvellous she is in bringing up five prodigies and urge people to subscribe to the newsletter to learn how to learn mathematics. Oooohhh…all you moms out there, do subscribe. British pound 130 is a lot of money, you know?

Now, I had heard through the hush-hush from UK much earlier that Sufiah Yusof’s father, a Pakistani had gotten the British government to provide them homes (which I understood are given to needy families). Mr. Yusof is a prodigy’s father, remember? So, what I was told is he was able to get the different councils (like different states lah) to give him a home in all locations. So, when they found out, they nabbed him and it was followed by those child molesting cases as well.

So, I heard that he is apparently a crook (and maybe child molester). But apparently, some buta Malaysians left comment there on the Yusof family’s blog that ‘Ini mesti kerja (conspiracy) kerajaan British untuk menfitna bapa Sufiah, sebab itu Sufiah pun memberontak’. (this idiot blamed the British government for wrongly accused Mr Yusof (though he doesn’t deserve the Mr.) and caused Sufiah to rebel). Kanasai, now I know how stupid Malaysians are.

But then, he is not as stupid as the one who proposed the ‘Save Sufiah Programme’. That is the biggest moron of all. My dear friends, don’t you agree that it is the most bodoh proposal? Firstly, Sufiah’s father is a Pakistani. Secondly, Sufiah’s mom had been living in UK and is a UK citizen. Thirdly, Sufiah is enjoying her life as a ‘Pretty Woman’. Fourthly, Sufiah is old enough to decide whom she wants to screw and recite mathematical equations to bring him to orgasm (Sufiah’s own description). Fifthly, the money used to fly the bengang punya orang to save Sufiah can easily be used to save many kids with health problems.


IMHO, Sufiah Yusof is so pretty and her body is great (or the photoshop skills is good, whichever) and I wish her well in however she choose to live her life. As for the mom, I really have nothing to say. I hope she become world famous for her teaching programs due to Sufiah’s exposure.

28 thoughts on “IMHO, Sufiah Yusof’s mom seems so fake and conniving

  1. SUpporting what u r saying. Why on earth are those morons proposed to save Sufiah without knowing the exact cause of it. Probably it’s just another ‘money making’ opportunity for some, and at the same time maybe they have other thought when going all the way to UK to ‘SAVE SUFIAH’ (Aiyo…. wanting to screw her more likely than saving her la!) At the end it will turn out those people will be enjoying their life there during their stay and come back with a report ‘ Dia enggan balik dan dia rasa enjoying apa yang dia buat! Kami tak mampu persuade dia balik untuk hidup baru di Malaysia. Just like our prestigeous Mustafa something, went all the way to holidaying in space using our hard earn money, and what now? Nothing, besides became the 1st Malaysian Canornaut!

  2. Hehehe… Malaysia actually offered her scholarship to study in Oxford, when she’s not even Malaysian.

  3. UGHH u know this is exactly the point why this news is SOO annoying!

    first of all, yes, she’s not malaysian
    second of all, heck she’s bloody rich now!
    third of all..why is this our business? why lah waste money maciam ini?

    so the gomen wana sponsor me to goyang kaki at home anot..less money la..cos i cannot “chut mai” my own will make news oso…”girl with absolute no need at all getting sponsors from the gomen to shake leg”


  4. I was speechless when i 1st heard about the ‘Save Sufiah Programme”. I was like..HELLO???? Ingat sufiah tu budak kecil kah..She got Great Brain la! She can think for herself..Why need intervention from some stupikkk people. Ish! ish! Like 5xmom say..better use the money they used to fly ‘the don’t know who’ to help those who really need it.
    As for her mother..Probably her ‘green wire’ putus already lah..mengong!

  5. “Malaysians are so stupid…”

    This is sadly sooo true and soo apparent, Aunty Lilian, that i suspect even god-forsaken tribes in Africa somewhere have heard about it!

    The fact of the matter is, the stupid bastards probably proposed this stupid program just to try and counter all the bad press Malaysia has been getting about their disgusting, numerous human rights violations. So they think that by jumping onto this, people might actually think they are part-human after all

    Well you’d have better luck trying to sell a freezer to an eskimo!

  6. šŸ™‚ Finally, you said something about this šŸ™‚ .
    Well, first I heard about her I was shocked and sad. But I waited to hear more. Then I was shocked again by this proposal by the Datuk Senator…I just wish they just scrap the idea as like most people say it is just stupid! And with all the confession about the shopping in Bond Street and all, I don’t care anymore. Anyway, it’s interesting to know about the mother here. šŸ™‚

  7. correct, correct, correct. I refrained from talking about Sufiah cos the issue was over rated. But when I read how the family is dealing with it, so much promo on how Halimathon taught her kids to become geniuses, I was totally pissed. Here is one perfect ‘normal’ family with happy home (from the photos they put up) and we acted like they need our help. It is a big slap to our clueless government, really. In case you ladies want to get further pissed the url is

  8. mama23beas – Yalah, I was reluctant to say sebab you pun tau kan? Our blogger friend in UK dah pernah counsel her when she was young and I know UK welfare which is much better than ours here have done all they can to help Sufiah since young. Moreover, our friend is a pious Muslim mom herself so I know that whatever can be done for Sufiah, has been done. When the gahmen beria-ia talk about it like Sufiah is some neglected child, I cukup meluat. But when I see how the family reacted to this whole scenario and how clueless Malaysian people are in blaming the British government, ish, I cannot buat dunno.

  9. just when i am wondering why you havent written anything about sufiah, dada, u got this! sure this will bring u tonnes of trafics.
    u know what now? they going to fly a famous black magic furu (is it bomoh?) from Malaysia to London, to “cure” Sufiah…

    Just don’t understand why people can’t accept the fact that, people choose their lives and paths. It is not like she was farced into it or something, why don’t let it be?

  10. Those proposing to SAVE SUFIAH or condemning the British Government. Where are they now after Sufiah appeared on tv??? LOSERS!!!

  11. jialat – Really ah? Send bomoh? If can work, the world will have no maksiat, no criminals, no bad things, no sins liao. Really boh akai these people.

  12. More of going over for the MALAYSIANS sponsored annual shoppong trip to UK and maybe learn a trick or two .
    Come on the money could be better use to save those Malaysians at Chow Kit or Lorong Gharu in Penang … LOL got such road or not arrr in PEN ? šŸ˜›

  13. Hi Aunty Lilian,

    Everything is super true… They are asking for donation and will fly 3 person over there (Bomoh or they called perubatan islam and his 2 helper )

    Mayb u all can just have a look at thie website

    i feel piss off when someone said that she might being force to confess what she said in news paper.. Come on she have her own life to decide.

    Masalah di dalm negeri pun tak terkawal.. nak tunjuk simpati kat luar negara…

  14. jerry – WTF, they are appealing for donations somemore! šŸ˜Æ

    Quote below taken from their site :
    Update 03-04-08: We are trying to fly in a team of 4 persons from Malaysia. Please donate generously.

  15. ya la… want to send ustaz and his team (aiyo.. ustaz oso got possee want ah) to UK to ‘work’ on her …

    these ppl oso asking for donation to help fund this ghostbusting project … ( minimum donation is GBP 10 wor!)

    I think they need a psychiatrist more than a bomoh la… Siau!

  16. BEH – Lorong Gahru? Got… is near Sunway Hotel. But other than that place, the Upper Penang Road also have a lot and the lorong near St. Xavier Institution as well. It is a social problem that many pretend did not see. Because there is no limelight like Sufiah Yusof mah.

  17. kopi – Yalor, WTF. I thought our Government, that Minister in the PM’s department is dealing with it and now, this dunno what organisation also want to raise funds.

    clare – Ya, it was mentioned in the papers the other day. Some Deputy Minister in the PM’s department. I tell you, read already, I naik api.

  18. the gomen decide they not going to help oredi.. they want to concentrate on the local ayam pulak now… ( come out in harian metro today ) so the organisation now in charge of helping her lor…

    these ppl keep harassing her like that ah I hope she file police report against all of them…. wah.. that time I laugh until syiok ah!

  19. malaysia has so many sex workers over here…they have no education and a large number of them is forced into that circumstance…

    just help the ones here? sufiah yusof chose to be that way and she doesn’t even have a Malaysian passport?

    but she’s so HOT in the pics!

  20. *slaps forehead* i have no mor ecomment. the gomen is truly idiotic. see they sent a bunch of people there summore to so-called learn/education crap and boast it in newspaper.

    you know, now they sending all school principals to UK, AUS and godknowswhat to learn english. wth? here kenot ah? i learn english here i speak fluently without accent, trust me people are confused with my race with my accentless speech [not to boast la kan].

    dungu betui.

  21. Yea.. Feel they are so pathetic… Bodoh punya Malaysian.

    Better people donate to the poor or the orphan’s over here. i think they need more help then her. She not even Malaysia Citizen.. is just because her mom from Malaysia.

    More likely we are donating for this 3 joker to makan angin

    Kalau satukan orang yang bangang…
    Keputusan yang di buat pun bangang LAH …..

  22. I think they should change the campaign name to : SAVE YOUR OWN A## Program or SAVE THE SPCA! baNANA! WASTE MONEY FOR PPL who had tons of POUNS!

  23. i think this is the govt ministers’s way of going overseas for a holiday. Save sufiah but actually a vacation in disguise.
    like they say: can see the speck of dust in your neighbour’s house but cannot see the wood in your own eyes.

  24. Sufiah is so stupid…. fucking lady…. you go and dielah. why wasting time giving ur body to others. Actually, if u want to give ur body, call 20 – 30 people to sleep with you at the same time. Then, u’ll get more money….

  25. you bledy bitch… Go and die lah. It’s better for you and for the others, bledy fucking lady…

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