PKR – Online job portal for mid and lower level job seekers

As I had mentioned earlier, I vote in the Pantai Jerjak constituency as I lived there when I was young. So, this will be a little community effort to help the ADUN for Pantai Jerjak Sdr. Sim Tze Tzin to launch their effort in helping the jobless to find jobs.

Sdr. Sim has an online portals to find jobs for the lower and mid level jobseekers (something that you cannot find in those others job market sites).

Sebuah Jawatankuasa Kerja Komuniti (JKK) di bawah YB. Sim Tze Tzin (ADUN Pantai Jerejak) ingin menawarkan satu khidmat percuma untuk membantu pekerja kilang yang ingin mencari kerja. Satu sesi penerangan dan penyediaan resume akan diadakan pada 12 Apr 2008 (Sabtu) jam 2 hingga 4 petang di bilik operasi PKR (depan Vistana).

Alamat Bilik Operasi PKR:

20 Solok Bukit Jambul

11900 Pulau Pinang

And below is the email I received from Sdr Sim’s volunteer worker :

The program for tomorrow is basically getting all these people who have lost their job or going to lose, to meet at YB Sim’s Operation Center at 20 Solok Bukit Jambul (opposite Vistana Hotel). There, we will have volunteers to assist them to fill up their resume and put it online for them. Subsequently, we will be approaching employers to see if they have any vacancies to match these people. YB Sim has already held a press conference on Tues and has been published in a number of the major newspaper on Thurs (yesterday).

We are hoping that you could help us to spread the words around since you have such an active blog. You can get YB Sim’s press statement at his site and more details of this programme at

So, if you have friends, colleagues and relatives who are jobless or wish to find assistance in getting a job, hop over to their service centre. They can help these people to fill in forms and locate prospective employers. FREE.

I must applaud PKR and Sdr Sim for their very proactive action in setting up this job portal to help the lower income folks. Syabas!

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  1. Keep it up Pakatan Rakyat , you ppl are right on and the ppl are right behind you !

  2. BEH – Ya, very admirable that they are already running something this quick.

    terence – Can lah, I go submit your CV. Expert in pouring red paint, right?

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