For people my age, we remember well the trial of Anwar. Back then, we relied only on the mainstream media and I for one, admitted that I really believed what I read. And what were we fooled to believe? That Anwar sodomised his driver, Azizan. They even brought the huge mattress to court and the trial went on for days talking about the DNA yadda yadda yadda and the sperm stain found on the mattress etc etc. And then, there is Umi Hafilda, remember?

Back then, we were more interested in the gossip part of it. And when we watched the TV, we saw the Reformasi movement as a public nuisance, very much like Mat Rempits.

Now, many years later, when I watched the videos of Tian Chua and other PKR members, I have a new perspective of PKR. You need to watch some of those videos with Tian Chua. I really admired him when the police dragged him out of the car and whacked him while Tian Chua coolly asked, “Eh, mengapa pukul saya, jangan pukul saya.” in a controlled tone. Then, there was Tian Chua in this kampung (eh, what’s the name? cekuduk? :P) and he climbed on the tractor (?) along with the villagers to stop the driver from dismantling the homes.

Anyway, when you think of politics, you do not get immediately connected to it. But when you see regular folks like us being downtrodden and these politicians from the losing team (e.g. PKR before they rule Selangor) risking their lives and their freedom to fight for these folks, you suddenly realise that politics are not about fortune and VIPs but rather freedom, justice and harmony for all the people.

I got these seven part videos from Haris Ibrahim’s blog. I post only Part 6/7 where Gobind Singh (Karpal’s son) brought the ang moh correspondent to the apartment. So many people revealed shocking truths which our mainstream media probably hide. The mat salleh went to Azizan’s office, the driver who claimed he was sodomised. Watch Azizan’s reaction. LOL. Comical, I tell you.

This video is shocking to me because I realized that we have all been taken for a ride. I cannot imagine the pain Datuk Seri Anwar’s family went through because they are the ones who felt the most anguish. An innocent man has been wrongly stuffed into jail because from the key witness, Azizan to the judge, all have been lying. After Lingam’s tape, we no longer can trust the judiciary system. And this video on Anwar has totally wiped off whatever strands of belief that remain.

It is time we see a total change in our Government. I pray for a second tsunami.