Shocking 7 parts video on Anwar’s conspiracy

For people my age, we remember well the trial of Anwar. Back then, we relied only on the mainstream media and I for one, admitted that I really believed what I read. And what were we fooled to believe? That Anwar sodomised his driver, Azizan. They even brought the huge mattress to court and the trial went on for days talking about the DNA yadda yadda yadda and the sperm stain found on the mattress etc etc. And then, there is Umi Hafilda, remember?

Back then, we were more interested in the gossip part of it. And when we watched the TV, we saw the Reformasi movement as a public nuisance, very much like Mat Rempits.

Now, many years later, when I watched the videos of Tian Chua and other PKR members, I have a new perspective of PKR. You need to watch some of those videos with Tian Chua. I really admired him when the police dragged him out of the car and whacked him while Tian Chua coolly asked, “Eh, mengapa pukul saya, jangan pukul saya.” in a controlled tone. Then, there was Tian Chua in this kampung (eh, what’s the name? cekuduk? :P) and he climbed on the tractor (?) along with the villagers to stop the driver from dismantling the homes.

Anyway, when you think of politics, you do not get immediately connected to it. But when you see regular folks like us being downtrodden and these politicians from the losing team (e.g. PKR before they rule Selangor) risking their lives and their freedom to fight for these folks, you suddenly realise that politics are not about fortune and VIPs but rather freedom, justice and harmony for all the people.

I got these seven part videos from Haris Ibrahim’s blog. I post only Part 6/7 where Gobind Singh (Karpal’s son) brought the ang moh correspondent to the apartment. So many people revealed shocking truths which our mainstream media probably hide. The mat salleh went to Azizan’s office, the driver who claimed he was sodomised. Watch Azizan’s reaction. LOL. Comical, I tell you.

This video is shocking to me because I realized that we have all been taken for a ride. I cannot imagine the pain Datuk Seri Anwar’s family went through because they are the ones who felt the most anguish. An innocent man has been wrongly stuffed into jail because from the key witness, Azizan to the judge, all have been lying. After Lingam’s tape, we no longer can trust the judiciary system. And this video on Anwar has totally wiped off whatever strands of belief that remain.

It is time we see a total change in our Government. I pray for a second tsunami.

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  1. CY – It is so hard to watch through all seven episodes. I feel angry, shocked, cheated, disillusioned and LOL, I am only a bystander who do not care much about politics, until now.

    aditia – LOL, as if we haven’t seen his face before lah. He was in the paper every day last time. Show lah his face, masuk international TV tau. 😆 Five seconds of fame, pun kira fame jugak, kan?

    kopi – LOL, I hope you are a girl? But really lah, these PKR guys really deserve our salute for standing by DSAI eventhough the fitnah thrown on DSAI sounds so real last time.

  2. i pray with you.

    from D.C. to Chicago, I sat on flight with DSAI’s company AI & Associates MD and another friend, sat on some other flight next to AI’s daughter elsewhere. Very hot things to talk about with these 2 important people of DSAI!

  3. hehe… me is a girl, lilian…

    ya lor.. respect to these ppl… must never let others forget what the fitnah makers have done…

    i too pray with you….

  4. Did you see the Dictator talking? You can see he is pain. His conscience is hurt but greed and political ambition that knows no bounds destroyed him. God is Gracious. I hope he will be thrown in Sungai Buloh. Why do you think he is so active nowdays campaigning against Abdullah? It is because he fears that Anwar may end up in the seat as he shall. And it shal come to pass.

  5. Yes, sad when I recall how much we relied on MSM for the news. And believed them too.

    I feel for the victims who were forced to make confessions.

    I feel angry, and dirty, as if being sodomised by Dr. M’slies and cover-ups.

    Dr. M probably did the one right thing by making Badawi the PM – a short term which turn the corner for Malaysia.

  6. Lilian wrote: “These PKR guys really deserve our salute for standing by DSAI even though the fitnah thrown on DSAI sounds so real last time.”

    That’s why they are emotional because they know the oppression they went through and how their leader was assassinated in cold-blood. Imagine your father going through brutal treatment? You may end up being a guerilla warfare mastermind.

  7. here’s a sideline. former selangor penyapu dude supposedly go umrah, but still blog to explain the babi issue. apa ni?

  8. dsai definitely deserves an apology from that old horse, a man is wrongly accuse. and we are supporting tm all this while omg. well he definitely lost my respect, he should get an oscar for that. wonder if ab could stay in power, he’s still a good man, if not for him we would not have freedom of speech, he should be given credit, there would not be so much freedom, n he freed anwar also, yes , but 1 thing la he not so smart la managing the country. if ab is in a risky position internally, i think anwar should go all in for p.m in may

  9. I’m not surprised, at that time, despite what the MSM reported, there were already talk of how all those allegations were made up to put a ‘threat’ in jail.

    That’s why there are so many PKR supporters.

    On the bright side, that single event is the first step to ‘wake’ Malaysians up from their slumber and open their eyes to the true colours of BN. Otherwise, they may just continue on blindly and we will not be where we are today.

    A change of government is now inevitable, the question is when it will happen.

  10. Ah, Lilian, you just get better all the time. That cat-o-nine-tails tongue of yours is firmly connected to a heart of pure gold. It moves me to tears of joy to witness this mass awakening amongst my fellow countrymen and women.
    What took you all so long, ha ha! One thing I’m proud of: I was never for a moment taken in by Mahathir’s evil spin. Nor have I ever voted BN in my entire life 🙂

  11. Part 4 shows the humiliation of the Islamic scholar and Anwar’s speech writer Dr. Munawar Anees. Here is what he said later…And you must have had Mahatir saying Anwar was working with the West and bla bla bla…

    “My victimization at the hands of Mahathir’s “Asian values” has transformed me in another way. All my adult life, like so many in the Muslim world, I have suspected under every nook and cranny some conspiracy by the West to keep us down. Yet, in this seminal experience of my life, my friends in the West succeeded in saving me, while Mahathir, a Muslim, did everything to destroy me. And he is trying to do the same to Anwar again through his obliging courts on totally fabricated charges.”

    Part 4:

  12. TDM is running scared. That is why he is doing his very best to prevent DSAI from becoming our next PM.Wonder what DSAI would do to TDM when Anwar becomes PM.

  13. I still remember the news about the mattress taken to the court on the first page of newspaper. That was the time I learned the word sodomy. LoL…

  14. Was just graduated then, and not interested in politic at all. I never believed it from the beginning, maybe due to the demo that was held every Friday at nearby mosque at the campus, I never joined but those people were trying to get messages conveyed, but I got confused. How that happened, how could a TPM be humiliated and treated that way, a desperate attempt that’s all I could think of then. Paling tak tahan tengok that perempuan by the name of Umi something, pegi court very day in a suit, pics all over newspaper. Anyway learnt a big lesson in my life from this.

  15. Someone should also check out how is Umi Hafilda Ali doing now after her revelation on Anwar. She is probably living like a queen!

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