About Ong Ka Chuan attending PTA


Just a little post to keep, in case, I need it in future. I recall that NUTP or is it the Education Ministry has said that politicians aren’t suppose to attend school functions?


Somemore go PTA, somemore Ka Chuak beat gong. Somemore tell people don’t ask leaders to resign. Sked headless ka chuak simply run here, run there and end up nowhere ah?

12 thoughts on “About Ong Ka Chuan attending PTA

  1. Say only mah. No need to adhere or be responsible one mah. This is BN. Cakap lain, bikin lain pulak. Malaysia mah.

  2. Terence is rite. But if the politicians are from the other parties, you see the BN people hoo haa here and there. Double standard!

  3. Very obvious one loh, “what I can do, you cannot do” applies here loh…..they will swear that they Pang Sai also smell better one….

    By the way, is everyone still boycotting the MSM ahh? I got curi curi tengok in the kopi tiam lah…..moments weakness……

  4. toolan – My lk buys. Weekend got Dear Thelma, so I also like to read mah.

    ben – I read it the other day but I forgot to keep that statement so that’s why now I keep this post. In case they make noise next time, I go dig this out. But DAP MP, one of them did blog about this.

    choonie – Memang pun. Like that tourism minister. She sabo the PR run states by cancelling the MOUs. But PAS led Langkawi doing their regular raiding for maksiat, she accuse them of sabotage some tourism event pulak. Such big double standard.

    terence – Showing bad example mah, right? That day drag in the schools. Then, the tourists. I wonder what’s next? Oh maybe, there is no next.

    benson -Yalor, cakap tak serupa bikin.

  5. Last time the government said cannot put the national flag image on cake, then a few days later I saw some politicians cutting cake with the flag image on it showing on newspaper pula!

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