I wonder how much MPSP spent to print a card for 50 sen parking?

We went to Kampung Benggali this morning to eat Ipoh Hor Fun this morning.

And over there, their parking system is different from Penang. Over here in Penang, we have these parking boys who give you a tiny chit and collect 30-50 sen every 30 minutes or they use the coin meter system.

But over in MPSP area, they use this canggih scratch and win style.


Father teaching son – This month is #4, so you scratch #4


Today is number 14, so you scratch it.


And the time now is 10 am, you scratch 10.

Now, our Penang Chief Minister wonders how the money terbang.

The findings of the private auditor into the financial status of Seberang Prai Municipal Council (MPSP), whose reserves fell from RM229mil in 2000 to just RM25.6mil at the end of 2007, will be made public.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the public had the right to know how the council’s reserves had come down.

“If the municipal council had built a lapangan terbang (airport) here, perhaps we can understand.

“But, there is no lapangan terbang and yet the money could terbang (fly),” he said.

Come on, the card looks mighty expensive to me. We got to buy the card through a third party and at the end of the day, how much do MPSP earns?

Anyway, I find my little boy’s hand so awfully chubby and cute so that’s why I took the pictures.

13 thoughts on “I wonder how much MPSP spent to print a card for 50 sen parking?

  1. Hmm…the card may not all be that expensive. But I would be interested to know who got the contract to print the cards and how much they charge…

  2. my hometown oso got… lagi glam dari your one… but my hometown still not yet liberated… so cannot ask why… wait he blog and say… pay or kena saman lor…..

    your little boy very CUTE! So earnest doing his job … hehe…

  3. Wahhhh eat Bagan Famous Hor Fun sedap horrr …
    Here eSPi also just start that scratch and match loteri tickets LOL sounds like lucky strike thing > Ya Mah scratch wrong you get one Bah Kua yellow color wannn … Wonder who is the contract given to and what is the cost too … Think printer made more than the Penbadaran both MPSP and MPSPK < K for Kedah … i think

  4. we got it in sibu like wat the first commentor said n mayb bcoz of it we pay 84 sen flat rate per hr. but i imagine a large part of the money goes to printing the card. wat a waste

  5. in kuching it’s like that also…only instead of the ‘scratch-and-win’ style, we tear off the numbers we want, leaving holes in the space.

    got 20, 50 and 80 sen coupons. 😀

  6. It sound kinda cool… cause i cant get that anymore at KL :p

    Anyway i think they should just implement those Machine that running on Solar system ( Which u can get anywhere at KL )

    The quality of those paper look good. and From the look it self it dont seem to be CHEAP thing. Then the money they used also our money .

    Beside we should run on paperless since we chopping down so many trees.

    Anyway they are wasting alot of money.. Thing they should spend they did not, but thing they should save , they just waste it.

  7. Used to have that in PJ. Then changed to meter and then changed to another newer model of meter. We have so many models of meters here…some you masuk 20sen and pusing the dial and some you need to feed a minimum of 60sen for an hour and then bring the small receipt and place it on the dashboard. Wah…so many places, so many different systems….kepala pun heen-heen liao.

  8. Hi Lilian,

    Must check who is the kontractor! Sure from KL wan.
    A sheer waste of public funds and reflects poorly on the past State Gormen!!! You see got brains anot?

    Cheers and Regards
    Birds Talking

  9. donald – Yalor, I see the card so thick material and those silver paint over it that covers all the date etc. Cincai-cincai, the printing costs at least 5 sen gua, maybe more? 10% of it goes to printing liao cos parking 50 sen only wor.

    nyonyapenang – Ya, out of town people like us buta-buta have to walk around and round to find where to buy the card. So mah huan.

    jerry – Yalor, I wonder those regular pak hai (butterworth) people do what with those cards? Even our tiny receipt here on the island also accumulated into big pile in the car.

    silver raven – This one betul betul like scratch and win wan. So shiok to scratch oni.

    bengbeng – Wuah, flat rate, expensive lor. Here Penang, min. 30 sen. And somemore we will argue with the parking boys cos they usually cheat with the time. Hehehe, Penang famous for kiamsiap.

    BEH – Yalor, I don’t know why must make so big card lor. I read the Penang CM’s press release that so much money in reserve terbang /lesap so I also jump in and kepoh mah.

    kopi – But your hometown orang kaya cos of balak never mind.

    serene – Also this big and thick cards?

    pablo – Yayaya, maybe the 50 sen only earns the council 10 sen.

    autumnmusic – Sibu orang kaya, BN stil never mind. Penang/Butterworth now pokkai.

  10. yeah, they used that in singapore, albeit 20 years ago.

    how many trees they have to chop down for the paper. ????

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