Lagi-lagi pasal babi

Must not miss this news about the pigs.

To those who don’t read Bahasa Malaysia, in brief : MCA Datuk Dr Lee Chong Meng revealed that a bumiputra company is behind the mega project to centralised the rearing of pigs. And the UMNO member behind it is the former State Assembly from BN-Umno for Tajung Sepat, Datuk Karim Mansor. This same Datuk Karim and the village chief went to Germany to view the project there. However, during the General Election, the Selangor state fell into PKR hands. Now, these two persons, Datuk Karim and the village chief had turned into the protesters. The former Chief Minister, Datuk Dr Khir Toyo was the one who approved the relocation of 132 pigs farm to this proposed centralised pigs’ farm.


The original news in BM from Malaysia Kini. I am very sure I have not misquoted anything.

Babi: Bumiputera, wakil Umno terlibat
Apr 14, 08 12:35pm
kemaskini 2:19pm Syarikat bumiputera turut terlibat dalam projek penternakan babi di Selangor yang menimbulkan kontroversi minggu lepas dan seorang wakil rakyat Umno “di belakangnya”, kata seorang pemimpin MCA.

Syarikat tersebut, yang terlibat dalam satu usahasama, bercadang menggunakan wang – dilaporkan menelan belanja RM100 juta – daripada sumber-sumber dana program alam sekitar Pertubuhan Bangsa-bangsa Bersatu (PBB).

Mendedahkan perkara itu kepada satu sidang media hujung minggu lalu, ketua biro pertanian tradisi MCA Datuk Dr Lee Chong Meng berkata syarikat bumiputera itu berhasrat membawa masuk teknologi Jerman untuk projek tersebut.

Akhbar The Sun hari ini yang mengutip laporan The Oriental Daily kelmarin menyebut, wakil rakyat BN-Umno bagi kerusi Tajung Sepat, Datuk Karim Mansor, bersama seorang ketua kampung di situ turut bersama dalam rombongan ke luar negara untuk melihat teknologi tersebut.

(continue at Malaysia Kini)

What hypocrites.

I am sure if the project is going to cause hardship to the Muslims in that location, the PAS/PKR/DAP under Pakatan Rakyat will definitely find other solution. It looks more like blessings in disguise. The PR will have the chance to prove how well they can manage this sensitive issue while those who were responsible for stirring up the emotions of the people there will have to answer to their Maker. There was one person who actually claimed that the pigs’ farm project is akin to the Jewish holocaust and this person crapped that it is a conspiracy to drive out the Malays from that kampung. I have never seen a more moronic accusation before. And this person is not just some random blogger but someone in power in some big organisation.

“Apakah ini suatu tindakan halus untuk mengusir orang-orang Melayu dari kampung halaman mereka sebagaimana Israel mengusir rakyat Palestin dari tanah air mereka?”

(story on Malaysiakini)

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  1. Wise 5xmom,

    please educate: your kontera links take a while to activate or immediately after inserting the java script after will you start to see the autolinks?

    Want to cepat kaya.

  2. oops… guess i was wrong in my previous comment… babi also not below them anymore…

  3. I am saying it again. Cronies = corruption.

    Since no longer in power at state level, no duit kopi already. So they condemn lor. So farking obvious. Correct me if I am ever wrong.

  4. LOL! Now we will see how Lee Chong Meng backtracks after getting a few slaps from UMNO. Or is he going to stand by his statement and show proof?

  5. pablo – Yeah, they will change their stand until all of us also gila like them.

    terence – They too much mah, first they approve, then, they deny, but that’s still fine. The thing is they are fanning the fires and causing all kind of tensions especially those related to the different races. I am sure those 132 pig’s farms owner also don’t want to relocate lah, think of uprooting their families and the investment they need to put in to own the farm etc. Maybe they are also asked to move against their wishes but now, the people twist the story to make like we are being pig headed and force it on the kampung folks. You say correct or not?

    kopi – Their kopi no more tongkat ali, decaff liao.

    centerfold – It depends on Kontera if they have find advertisers to advertise on your blog. If you are sure you have placed the code correct (I place at footer file, just before the body tag), then, write to them and ask?

  6. Lilian,
    This issue has been settled by the Pakatan state government. Let’s close the subject, no more bragging over it and forward moving we shall go to the bigger issues of human rights, good governance etc., etc.

  7. Eh Benson – When did I appoint you to tell me what to blog ah? I am merely quoting the news which is featured today so what’s your problem ah?

  8. Wahhhh Loktor Ayam also berani korek now arrr …
    This ppl now are getting the babi shit in their fark face.

  9. Yes Benson, unfortunately I agree your patronizing comment is out of line. I appreciate the Obnoxious Mom’s news that I’m not getting from the mainstream media.

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