I am pissed about it but I didn’t want to blog about it because I have nothing good to say about the mother of the boy, his relatives and even his neighbours.

When I read the news earlier, I wondered where the lengjai cyclist DAP ADun Sdr Tee is. So, I waited and waited. Normally, Michael Chong-twin would be shown on the paper helping out. Initially, the news did not mention anything. Today, there was one tiny mention of DAP politicians helping but the news is all about the ugly side of it.

For sure, the boy’s mother has some mental disorder. Mental illness is very much misunderstood in our country. People kill themselves and we do not know why. People kill themselves and hurt their wives, and we do not know why. People beat their kids and wives to pulp and still we do not know why. These are usually mental disorders which our Malaysian society are not very aware of.

Ok, what I hope is they charged the mom for child neglect but at the same time, find out of she is sane or otherwise. Next, find a nice home for the boy. Sometimes, kids are better off in shelter homes which provides proper care than their own families. I am sure the shelter homes will welcome the boy.


Foong blogged about the story behind it and I must agree with Foong that our MSM really cheapens people just so that they can sell more papers.

This is what Foong heard from her trusted source :

It seems that Tanjung Bungah assemblyman Teh Yee Cheu was already alerted about the case way before the MSM got a sniff about it. He had visited the boy and referred the case to the Welfare Department.

Just as he was getting things done to help the boy, a Buddhist group heard about it and immediately alerted the MSM and the whole thing came to light. See, if Yee Cheu is one of those crazy publicity politician, he would have called a press conference to point at the rubbish-filled apartment and point at the boy and declare that he is so great to have found out and he is now helping the boy.

But no, instead, he quietly went about helping the boy, probably to preserve the boy’s dignity and identity (which is now all shot to tatters thanks to the MSM) for the boy is surely a child abuse victim.

And the lengjai cyclist ADun Tee is the one on the far right. Hehehe. He actually signed up to cycle from Penang to China BEFORE he won the General Election. He is 50+ if I read correctly. Lengjai, hor?