Chialat, now they think my blog is Khir Toyo blog

First, they mistaken my blog as the PM’s Warkah Untuk PM.

And now, they think my blog post promoting Khir Toyo’s new blog is the real Khir Toyo blog. (Comment #16)

Last I see, search for Chua Soi Lek blog also ended up in my blog.

I wonder if I will be having lots of personal friends’ and CSL wannabe confessions then?

I have put up a huge disclaimer that I am not responsible if Malaysians are blind and though not buta huruf, they are totally buta IT.


11 thoughts on “Chialat, now they think my blog is Khir Toyo blog

  1. Hi Aunty Lilian

    that fella i think he dont even understand english. Or else he just make fun of you.

    since u write it so clearly “Sebagai rakyat Malaysia dan juga seorang blogger, saya amat terharu dengan dedikasi Dr Khir Toyo TERHADAP BLOG BELIAU.”

    But if he is not making fun of you then … really chialat.. gong ka ai ci.


  2. Don’t think you should be upset, in fact I think you should be grinning from ear to ear. I am sure that the CTR rate for your Adsense must be quite high šŸ™‚

  3. Allo, Dr. Khir. Apa khabar? Pasal Botox itu, bolehkah Dr. rekemen doctor yang paling baguih skali? Mahal ke? Saya dengar RM4,000 sebulan untuk Botox nih. Boleh tak Dr. juga tolong saya jadi MB Selangor? Kalau tidak, tak bolehlah saya sain-sain kontrak-kontrak air supaya boleh membiayai prosedur Botox nanti. Sekian terima kasih! UMNO best!!

  4. Now, this is really funny …duhh!!! In fact, I think a few of the earlier ppl who commented on the issue oso didn’t realise they were writing in ur blog ..

  5. I sense a little bit of “Sai Mang” here……he,he,he

    Maybe Khir Toyo will offer you a job to take care of his blog mah……beh pai!!

    Ha, ha, ha…that time Pang Sai also no time…

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