Ten things bloggers wish their readers know about them

  • Bloggers don’t give a rat-ass what their readers think of their blogs.
  • Bloggers are always right eventhough they lie all the time.
  • Bloggers only blog when they feel like it.
  • Sometimes money comes first before pleasing their readers who read for free.
  • Bloggers don’t take kindly on being told what to write.
  • Bloggers are not living in the same world as them.
  • Money bloggers earn does not come from their readers but strangers who come by through the search engines.
  • Bloggers are not their community service board.
  • Different bloggers blog for different reasons, so don’t make wrong assumptions. Some may dig and welcome your comments, some hope people will talk less and think more.
  • Bloggers are not the blog and the blog is not the bloggers. And if you cannot understand this phrase, please go sit in a corner and ponder.
  • Any more rants you want to say to your readers but were too afraid to tell it straight to their faces?

    14 thoughts on “Ten things bloggers wish their readers know about them

    1. WAHAHHAHAH DAMN TRUE lar!!! u hit the spot!!! right on!!!!

      “Bloggers are not the blog and the blog is not the bloggers”

      I LOVE THIS!

    2. I love the first one. Some people just enjoy coming into your blog, correcting your English like they are damn power like that. Don’t like

    3. – readers who don’t like the blog can get lost and it would not matter to bloggers

      – not all bloggers blog about politics

      – bloggers are not famous personalities who has to conform to certain ‘rules’

      – bloggers will continue to blog so you can complain till your face turn blue and it won’t change a thing

      – bloggers are not normal humans so don’t push it!

      šŸ˜ˆ šŸ˜ˆ šŸ˜ˆ

    4. wuching and agnes – Out of topic lah. My question is not ‘Why I blog’.

      Foong – I wish I can blog like yr fatbitchrant blog. Last time I can, now, the readers have pulled off every single fang of mine or those fangs have turned blunt due to biting too many times. I hate myself being toothless.

      ping ping – Yalor, si beh tulan with these sort of people. Tell them bugger off lah.

      terence – Niamah.

      pablo – Yalor, now I don’t know to be happy that politicians have turned into bloggers or bloggers turned into politicians. Either way, I hope the new breed won’t give us a bad name.

      huei – Tenkiu

    5. oh! very true indeed! erm.. bloggers do not give a rat ass about other bloggers. you know, when people like to say ‘who he/she thinks he is? ‘

      well, not everyone blogs to be another or wannabe. we do not like to be compared šŸ˜€

    6. Hie Lilian…

      I have been ur silent reader for quite sometime…

      I cant help it but to comment this time…

      I really like your attitude in ur blog… Somehow i envy ur kids for having such a nice n cool mum like you…(which i somehow hope my mum r like that)…

      and yeah, i totally agree with your statement above as the way i blog are mostly “i dont dont give a shit what u think of me” kinda way… and people usually end up thinking that im actually rude in person… šŸ˜€ But nevertheless, i write things are mostly true and it usually reflects what i really think but i dont really do it in real life…

      For example, Xiaxue… The way she blogs are like a major princess bitch that loves attention all the time but I believe she is a really nice n sweet person in real life… maybe still a princess la… ;P

      Somehow people still dont understand the blogging world which kinda saddens me…

      Can i borrow ur “Ten things bloggers wish their readers know about them”? Cause i would like to copy paste it and put it in my blog and of cuz, i will reference u k…

      again, 2 thumbs up for ur writing style… love u alot… ;P

    7. haha..cool !!
      *Money bloggers earn does not come from their readers but strangers who come by through the search engines.
      i wish i got this point ! šŸ˜†

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