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A friend just got off from the MSN with me. He told me that he was contacted by a company soon after posting his resume online and that company is offering him twice the salary he is getting now. Currently, his work has a lot of flexibility and he doesn’t need to report to the office as in a regular 9-5 job. That way, he get to spend a lot of time at home with his kid.

However, this new job offers him twice the salary and other perks too. But that job is a full-time 9-5 job in a highly stressed office environment. So, he is now mulling over the options. Well, he is one lucky guy to be head-hunted that often. That’s the benefit of working in a highly specialised job.

How many of us are that lucky huh? More often than not, people has to stick to a wrong job until they are at boiling point before they start looking for a new one that really match them. Or they will be so cosy and comfy in a job and suddenly…..whoosh, something cause them to be out of job.

That’s when they start job hunting. Job hunting seems easier these days using the reputable online job site. I think by then, they are probably desperate and will grab the first available offer. And as you know, it is not always the most ideal job. So, I wonder….do you guys place yourself in the job market when you are happily employed or do you wait till your boss shows you the door before you do it?

I think if I am still working, I will be one of those adventurous ones who will lurk around some of the best online jobsite especially job market like and hope to find a bigger oasis. Unfortunately or fortunately, I am retired since I was 36 years old and hence, looking for a job is no longer a necessity.

Talking about MONSTER, I made a quick search for job if anyone is hiring ‘blogger’. Well…looks like no company is interested in hiring bloggers. They actually do not know what they are missing. If I run a multi-million company, or even just a small enterprise, I will make it a point to hire one blogger like me, myself, I who can put the company on the pedestal, on the first spot in the search engine results and be able to bluff through my nose, without twitching.

Really…bosses out there…you should heed my advice and start thinking of hiring a full-time blogger. She (usually females are better at lying through their teeth hehehe) can start at least 10-30 blogs that look like they are independent blogs on the industry and make your company like it is the best in the world, ever.

Say for example, your company produces chicken eggs. Hey, chicken eggs companies are now listed on the Bursa Saham, you know? So, get a full-time blogger to write about the health aspect, the recipe for eggs, the education part and etc and suddenly, everyone will be reading about how marvellous eggs are and it all boils down to your company’s eggs. See how relevant bloggers are?

And if you think your PR Manager is able to do the job, nay…bloggers are special because we are liars! Bwahahaha…that’s what we were labelled. Your PR Manager is probably too dull or too straightforward to do the job.

So, what do you think? Don’t you agree that every company, big or small should now emphasize on hiring professional bloggers like me to be their PR tool?

Now, back to They have quite an impressive track record like covering 50 countries including Malaysia in early this year and they are said to serve 95% of the Fortune 500 companies. Does anyone saw their cute monster car sticker recently?? Try to email them and request for some, save a few more for me pls. It was awesome and you guys should try to get one for your car. Hey, you think their company is responsible for producing Monster Inc. type of Monster? ‘Cos I see they have so many monster mascots. When I see those mascot, I naturally think of that one eye monster with its single contact lenses. You remember that?

So, ladies and guys, go and lurk around if you are looking for more high level positions. And bosses, sorry I am not for hire. ‘Cos you can’t afford me. Bwahahaha.

5 thoughts on “MONSTER – The world’s leading online recruitment network

  1. wah no other commentators ah? mana hilang?

    i’m jobless and college start only in july.. so im jobless kan? i’m volunteering with my exchange group which is very paidless, so now i need to get a job, a part time job so i can enjoy free time. see so demand how to work la? LOL

  2. Actually ar, there are a lot of ang moh companies out there hiring bloggers lah…You will be surprised at how many!

    Usually, they do not hire through job boards like monster but through freelancing sites like elance, freelanceswitch, etc. They also don’t hire full time lar, but pay these freelancers either hourly or per article basis. However, the rate is not so great lar, only USD8 per hour if you are lucky or if by blog post, usually around USD2 to USD4 per post. Freelancers usually have to bid for the projects and the lowest rate often wins, thus, the low, low rate! SEO specialists get to bid a bit higher but not much.

    India is way ahead of us as there are a lot of companies there which solely survive doing this, bid on projects at ridiculously low rates (USD2 per hour/ USD1 per article!) and get as many projects as possible.

    I’ve been doing this for a while too for an ang moh in UK but let me tell you, they are also as kiam siap as Penangites! :mrgreen:

  3. *claps! got bisness ledi!*

    Foong – I heard about that but never check them out. Hehehe, I USD5 for 100 words also bitch like crazy. But I know those guys from India are super terror in their English and IT. And hacking too. :mrgreen:

    azhan – Yalor, gua tak mau main lagi. Semua sudah abandon ship. Don’t care, I mogok jugak.

  4. Wuah, who is that lucky/unlucky friend of yours lah. Niamah!!!

    Anyway, online job hunting sites are the way to go now. Gone are those days where you have to buy those newspapers and search thru their classified section.

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