My 7-day Juvanex detox program

A few weeks ago, a friend called me and asked if I want to give a 7-day detox program a trial run. My immediate response was, “No lah! Siao ah? I heard they shit non-stop, you know?”

I imagined being stuck to the toilet bowl for days and on the seventh day, the Jabatan Bomba and 991 have to come to my home to pry me away because I have grown roots. There was this woman in US who sat on her toilet bowl for two years and her skin grown and stick to the toilet. Serious!

So, my friend pushed further…..

“Sure you don’t want? This stuff is quite expensive, you know? And I heard effective as well. Some said they lost a bit of weight as well.”

And that’s how I got hooked. Lost weight? “Ok….., maybe……. cincai lah. Just to help you out only. But what if I die shitting?”

And the friend replied, “Then, you will be the first person to die shitting. Can become famous, wei. Blogger dead due to shit.”

That’s how I got myself into this 7-day detox program. It turned out to be some very tangy and lemony drink only. Chey….so easy, nia. On the first day, I make some nice orange and banana blend and drank it with the detox.


And I wait

And I wait….

and wait….

and wait….

I was expecting something to happen, like a volcano erupting or something. But luckily, things were not so dramatic.


The hubby and kids are already sniggering at my gung-ho “I am on a detox program” new focus. Hubby joked with me if I want to use the baby’s potty and take photos of the shit, day by day. I shrieked, “Ewwss…you want to inspect them?” And my kids said, “Do lah mommy! You can blog it too.”

Today is day four. And I do not get any one of those scary stuffs we heard about detox program! I suppose my usual eating habits, the last 40-days vegetarian diet and my slow transition did not cause too much upsets. Although they have a booklet on suggested diet, one does not have to follow it. I didn’t because the hubby and kids are dragging me everywhere to eat. Temptation is too strong.

However, I do know that detox is working on me. On the first day, I got this metallic taste in my mouth and according to the booklet, it says when our body is releasing toxins from the liver during liver detox, we will get coated tongue. At first, I didn’t know that and kept gargling with mouth wash until I checked the guide book. On the second day, I get a slight headache and fell asleep by midnight. It doesn’t make me run to the toilet but it does make me pee like a cow. Now, on the fourth day, my body is probably flushing all the toxins through my sweat, pee and poo.

These two days, I am already active enough to go for a hike at the dam (photos in previous post) and ate some durians. So, all in all, it has been gentle on me. But I hope at the end of the seventh day, I do get what I want from this detox program. I will have glowing skin, lighter self, more energetic, looks younger, trimmer and most of all, I want to get rid of those toxins that stay dormant and hidden in my body with Juvanex. I like the ingredients – Blessed Milk Thistle and Dandelion. I read that those are good herbs for liver cleansing. You can check out Juvanex on their website

So who wants to join me on my pangsai adventure ah?

23 thoughts on “My 7-day Juvanex detox program

  1. um…. the detox won’t make you lau sai but will make the budget lau sai or not??? Me oso want to try …

  2. kopi – Actually hor, I also dunno how much they sell wor. But I think it is available in pharmacies?

    choonie – The bottle cun-cun meant for a week. I have tasted another brand which my sis gave me and must say this Juvanex is very easier to consume. It has psyllium husk which is something I already take regularly, blessed milk thistle, which I already take as supplement (i kiasi mah) and has a very nice lemon flavour. If you have never try detox, you definitely will see an effect.

    Princess Diana also believe in detox wor….you want to be pretty like her? Try detox lah. That’s why I go on vege diet yearly. Ai sui mah.

  3. Today is my Day 5 with Juvanex! What a coincidence! Like how you had described it, the first day of detoxing gave me this metallic taste in my mouth, and the second day gave me very bad headache. But no lao sai feeling wor, which I like! I hope I lose weight too lar. But this Juvanex is rather expensive lar. RM 159 at Guardian. Bo pien lar, ai sui mah! šŸ˜›

  4. babe_kl – I felt very tired the first two days but today, I don’t feel anymore headaches.

    Lil’ Ms Pinky – Yakah? RM159. Thanks for the info. So, did you follow the eating guide? I cannot lah, my aunty coming I feel hungry and crave sugar.

    kaDasMama – I only drink the lemony powder with blended fruits. I make kiwi and cucumber today. But I eat normal foods too. Cheat a bit or else I die of PMS-ing.

  5. Its ok to cheat a bit long as it not too much..i understand the PMSing trouble..if can korek lubang cacing to find the thing we want to eat, i’m sure we will do justthat!

  6. i had this phyto-fibre thing where made me pangsai non stop for few hours. torchering aitelyu.

  7. azhan – Dahsyat nyerrr. Punggung pun berbunga lah?

    kadusmama – My last veg diet screwed up my perfect calendar. Now I got perpetual PMS-ing. Wait I go cari mangsa to diss on my blog, ok? Hahaha.

  8. ive tried this before last year. i got it when Guardian had a discount.
    its got a really nice lemony taste to it so makes it easier to consume.
    i also didn’t lau sai taking this (thank goodness!). got a bit of headache and skin cleared up.

    hmmm…maybe i should go on another round of detox. šŸ™‚

  9. lingzie – Ya, I think I will go on one every 4 months hor?

    Paul – The two ladies said they got it from Guardian, price around RM159 or something.

  10. Let you in on something. Juvanex is pricey. The traditional ayurvedic liver and gall bladder cleansing is roughly about 1/4 of the cost you pay for Juvanex. In other word, 1 Juvanex = 4 cleansing sessions. Enough for the entire family.

    It worked for me. I have done it for 6 times now and trust me…. its yucky stuff coming out. Key ingredients, Orange, Lemon, Olive oil, Grapefruit, Epsom salt and… ahh.. castor oil… the liver heptatic stones comes out by the scores! while gall bladder stones are the sizeable ones.. mine so far my count.. 15 pcs of 10sen coin sized stone.

  11. Lilian..I’m so glad u wrote abt this cuz i was jus abt to try juvanex. be research 1st.
    lately my pretty face have been attacked by impurities and i very tensi oredi. nothing works, i tell u
    methinks its something inside that needs cleaning anyway…so wanted to try this juvanex thingie.

    Kevin..the traditional ayurvedic liver and gall bladder cleansing u mentioned got sell ka? wer pls? i wan to try la…wat is the nama of the product?

  12. i dono whether its doing much for my body…just pee more than usual since im supposed to drink more water whilst on this programme. trips to the toilet were normal, only once a day. i stopped taking my fish oil during this programme, in fact while i was taking my fish oil everyday, i poo 2-3 times a day.

    my diet was my usual fibre bread and brown rice. i did not lose any weight too (a bit disappointed la..but afterall i have to be reasonable as its a detox thingy and not a slimming programme…) šŸ™

    so im not sure whether it does much as it claims but of course i do hope it cleared those toxins in my body. i don mind trying again in the next 6 mths!

  13. This is my 3rd year with Juvanex. I do it every 6 months.
    Good Stuff. I follow the plan closely and for 7 days eat plenty of fruits and vege. Not a hardship to me because I eat brown rice vege and fruits all the time.I do not see myself losing a lot of weight but my skin glow after each detox programme and I do feel light. I encourage all to try it.JHO

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