Sometimes life is best spent doing nothing

Like walking barefoot in the park.



Or feel the tar road without shoes.


Or riding aimlessly like a kid.


And of course, being cared for by the ones we love or have many others to love us in return.

Many people take life too seriously. Because they chase money too hard. Or they want dominance instead of love. They chase fame and power and pretend it is for humanity sake. They screwed up their own lives and then, blame God. They forge ahead without a guide, chasing money, power, fame and then, complained life is being unfair.

Wake up lah. Life is how you choose to live it. It is always pretty and nice if you learn to expect a little less, demand a little less and just live it because God give it to you!

And if you want something more serious and controversial, do read my post on Faith Journey about Tian Chua whom is charged for biting a cop.

8 thoughts on “Sometimes life is best spent doing nothing

  1. I just had an encounter with such a character (dominance or death type) Couldn’t really fully explain him until I read your post.

    I choose not the kiss up to my boss’ kach’ng… everyone said I lacked ambition…. just because I don’t jump when asked to and sit up and beg…. oh well….

  2. giddy tigress – Really song wannn….Try it lah. Yeah, the place is Air Itam Dam. I on diet and exercise mission mah. Read my next post. šŸ˜€

    terence – What? I thought 15 hrs ago, you said otherwise?

    kopi – LOL, I simply tembak, also kena one target.

  3. i like this post..its so nice.its nice doing nothing..i like to stare at the skies and guess how the clouds might shape like.
    been sometimes i dropped by…must drop by here more frequent.ur blogs help me score an A for my

  4. Walking barefoot in the park.

    I do that whenever I get the chance. It’s so nice to feel the grass under your feet. Friends laugh and look at me one kind liddat, but hey what do I care?

  5. Hmmmmm you give number choon choon wan la , then we all take life > Lite n Easy … LOL … cheers and keep it UP !

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