Food costs are rising like crazy. Many of them increased by more than 100%. Pork leg, luncheon meat, butter, imported ham, cream, cheese and etc. Flour increases a few cents but the hawker increase their ham chim peng price from 50 sen to 70 sen. Niamah. Curry mee from RM2.50 becomes RM3.00. Some hawkers dare not increase prices, they reduce quantity.

pork ribs noodle

So, I cook myself lah. Pork ribs noodle for Thursday dinner.

steak grill

The above is Wednesday dinner, I think. Some affordable tenderloin we bought in bulk (2 kg!) from the frozen foods supplier. We had them cut into five portions. Huge prawns we bought direct from the fishermen in Telok Kumbar.

roast chicken

One chicken costs me RM11, I think. Quite a huge chicken which I roasted. I used brandy, oregano, basil and lemon. I just need to boil some spaghetti and use the gravy. If we buy fried chicken, one tiny drumstick costs RM2.50 from the stalls. And my little five years old ate 3 pieces when we weren’t counting! Bankrupt, like this. Roasted chicken was Tuesday dinner, I think.

We ate out on Monday night and Friday night, I cooked rice with Chinese dishes.

So, that wraps up our whole week’s dinner.

Mahai TMNet! I feel like killing somebody because my Celcom line is so slow and I got things to complete. How am I going to transfer my Nigerian scam millions to my Swiss account and instruct my financial consultants all over the world on what stocks to buy? CCB Streamyx.