Foods I cooked over the week

Food costs are rising like crazy. Many of them increased by more than 100%. Pork leg, luncheon meat, butter, imported ham, cream, cheese and etc. Flour increases a few cents but the hawker increase their ham chim peng price from 50 sen to 70 sen. Niamah. Curry mee from RM2.50 becomes RM3.00. Some hawkers dare not increase prices, they reduce quantity.

pork ribs noodle

So, I cook myself lah. Pork ribs noodle for Thursday dinner.

steak grill

The above is Wednesday dinner, I think. Some affordable tenderloin we bought in bulk (2 kg!) from the frozen foods supplier. We had them cut into five portions. Huge prawns we bought direct from the fishermen in Telok Kumbar.

roast chicken

One chicken costs me RM11, I think. Quite a huge chicken which I roasted. I used brandy, oregano, basil and lemon. I just need to boil some spaghetti and use the gravy. If we buy fried chicken, one tiny drumstick costs RM2.50 from the stalls. And my little five years old ate 3 pieces when we weren’t counting! Bankrupt, like this. Roasted chicken was Tuesday dinner, I think.

We ate out on Monday night and Friday night, I cooked rice with Chinese dishes.

So, that wraps up our whole week’s dinner.

Mahai TMNet! I feel like killing somebody because my Celcom line is so slow and I got things to complete. How am I going to transfer my Nigerian scam millions to my Swiss account and instruct my financial consultants all over the world on what stocks to buy? CCB Streamyx.

12 thoughts on “Foods I cooked over the week

  1. CCB!!! Price of milk powder went up like 30%. Lucky I bought like 5 crates last 2 months. I even sold off one crate to a desperate parent and made some profit last night. šŸ˜‰

    Everything naik but gaji no naik. Sooner or later all naik until KKC also no mood to naik liao. Bang balls only.

  2. *slurp..slurp* SEDAPNYA!!! Your delicious food lift up my mood today!

    Milk powder naik again?? Die lah like this..last time my kids milk increased until RM4.50 satu kotak! If naik again..they have to drink SUSU CAP JUNJUNG already! Cannot afford mah..

  3. kadusmama – Everything increase so much. But the worst is the newborn milk powder. That’s why mommy’s milk is the best cos it is free and extremely healthy.

    terence – Yalor, the increases really steep lah. The regular tin of pork leg used to fry pork leg noodle costs RM10+ wor. Niamah, like this, I no need to buy and eat. Good for my health also. BTW, the KNN Utusan Malaysia is menghasuti its readers that Malaysia is going to rear pigs to export to China. KNN si peh tulan, I baru read about it. Please go to Utusan Malaysia or Shadowfox’s blog to see the giant Pak Lah with the midget judge photo.

    jun – Hahaha, my food blog will make you more hungry. šŸ˜ˆ

    khy – Not I ‘seems’ but I am.

  4. Ya, a lot of people have resorted to own cooking. If you go to Tesco, there are many customers buying raw materials now. Our family has also start to home cook, more healthy and economical this way.

    P.S. I am also very sad that my gaji naik only 3.5% (how miserable is that)…

  5. Bwahaha!!! The MSM have resorted to ‘photoshop’ individuals. Its already bad enuf they lie but ‘photoshop’ing??? WTF!!!

    Maybe 2moro Utusan will publish a photo of Tun and AB making love, I mean making up. Bwahahaha!! Niamah!!!

  6. Ahaha,niamah them,CCB them also no use.Is their trends,I just know from one of my friends,his house water been cut.He actually complaint to Syabas that his water meter kaput already and they came to check and also knowing that the meter is kaput.

    He been following up for almosts 1 year and also requests them not to cut his water bill because this kaput water bill extra 50 bucks only.So been pending for 1 yr on that 50 bucks and monthly he still paying.Last few days,Syabas ppl come to his home and cut his water and in the same time give notice to him.Walau eh,so efficient,all in same time – cekap dan amanah.

    After argue for 2 days,pass here and there and at lasts,Syabas ppl agree to re-connect his water.Then after 15 min later,Syabas call him requests to pay for the R50 then they will reconnect.He said already settle with their ppl there,they said correct already settle by that department but this is their another department problem,their main point is no RM50 CCB means no MCH water,ahahaha.

    The point is how u complaint,they all don’t care and if they agree pun is another department agree.So,at lasts anything happen you still need to pay and follow their rules.This is monopoly mah and Malaysia Always Boleh!!!!

  7. yr post gives me more cooking ideas. the sentiments abt rising prices are universal at the moment and made worse by vendors jumping on the bandwagon to get rich faster

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