TMPoint, Streamyx, TMNet – Your company and the 4Mbps iz stewpeeg!

UPDATED : I am super-tiu now because TMPoint said they need THREE DAYS to reconnect back my old line if I want to cancel my subscription for the 4Mbps. TNMCH, TMNet, Streamyx, TMPoint – Go suck monkey ass! And I am being very polite today.

Please train your staffs properly first before you spend money promoting something.

Your staffs are clueless.

We signed up for the 4Mbps package. No one tells us that they are going to farking disconnect our current 1Mbps for 3-7 days to put a new line.

I say yew is stewpeeg becoz I no skool go I also know the basic common sense :

1) Get your technical people to set up the port whatever, bring the new modem to our house THEN do what you need to transfer the line. This certainly don’t need 3-7 working days.

2) Train your staffs properly to tell the consumers first before you go on road shows, place ads on my blog, put in the paper etc. Cannot even get the basic stuffs right, promote what ka’chng lah.

3) We asked your staff if it is possible for us to apply for an additional line and then, when the 4Mbps is working, change our phone number back. Also tak tau.

Farking mahai, I don’t know to be angry with who. Your clueless staffs, your company, my country for having only one domineering service provider or myself for believing that TMNet is good. Maybe I should be angry with myself.


Since I am on a rant mode, the Penang Bridge wat-wat manager also stupid. He said in the newspapers today ‘Don’t use the bridge during peak hours.’ So, the 5xmom hereby gives her honorary STEWPEEG badge to TMNet and also Penang Bridge. You think people intentionally go for a joyride on the bridge ah? They need to get to work lah, woi! I think we should throw some people down the bridge, don’t you think so? And you pak-hai people working on the island- I paling kesian you guys because every morning, you kena jam, every evening, you kena jam. Go protest at the Penang Bridge chairman office lah.

– End of rant –

I am blogging from my Celcom 512kbps while my hubby has gone to TMPoint to ‘basuh’ them already.

30 thoughts on “TMPoint, Streamyx, TMNet – Your company and the 4Mbps iz stewpeeg!

  1. Last time they were under the government mah. Eventhough privatised, staff still the same mah. What do you expect lah??? MALAYsia boleh!!!

    3-7 days. When actual work done is only 15 mins. MALAYsia Boleh!!!

  2. Eh, btw hor, you site margin lari on my huge monitor lah. Wanting to tell you long ago. Just that you know.

  3. šŸ˜ˆ Cuci … cuci kao kao. They were doing the same promotions in the cafetaria of my company. Luckily I’ve read your post. Thanks for the community message. How much I need to put into your paypal?

  4. Over here “down south”, it is seamless (as long as you have the hardware).

    Upgraded mine from 356KB to 512KB to 3MB, and last month, 8MB.

    It just automatically kicked in on the day of activation.

  5. headache – Yalor, that should be the way mah. They think we stupid or what, want to talk big about port lah, line lah and all those. Somemore god-knows-when they will get their fat ass over with the modem. And the frustrating thing is different support staff tell different version of things. Somemore, we actually signed up weeks ago but forget about it. This morning go TMPoint basuh sikit baru ada movement or else they langsung lupa already. Like third world like that.

    minmay – Hehehe, saves you a lot of geram-ness hor? But the package is worth it wor cos the price is much cheaper than the previous price.

    terence – Wei, I cukup stressed liao cos my Celcom line keep dropping. Don’t tell me lah, later I pull my hair till botak.

  6. Lilian,

    Welcome to the ‘kelab’! šŸ˜„

    I am also suffering the same and wanted to post a new blog about this stupid Screamyx package on the 20th. April.
    Because it would be ONE month since 21st. March after we applied for this package, installed, suffered and now decided to Cancel this package. I have spoken/complain to almost 60 of their staff and visited by 8 technical staff already! šŸ™„ šŸ™„ šŸ™„

    Please see my blog at Birds Talking about my cussing.

    What to do? Monopolize mah? šŸ‘æ

    Cheers and Regards

  7. I kesian you la, I’ve been a subscriber to Screamyx since a couple of months only. Signed up for their Merdeka 1Mb promo. Last week I checked my speed this is what I got, (sorry dunno how to paste the pix here, not sure if I can too). I use my girlfriend’s Celcom broadband HSDPA I get super-duper speed. Why I stick to Streamyx, I also dunno. Wanted to get Maxis but my house cun-cun ‘in the shadow’ of the transmission.

  8. hi Aunty lilian,

    i think everyone of us here is using TMNET ( Think TM = Tipu Mereka )

    they are suck, the only thing they know how to solved ur problem is pushing back the problem to u..

    1 Tips when u call them dont tell them that u have anothing connected to the modem. If not they will fucking BLAME you.

    There is a time i forgot to pay the bill and on the sport they barred my line and after i made the payment they said in 24 hours time they will activate the line… After waiting for 48 bloody hours. called them and basuh them… only 2 min i got back my connect…


  9. mike ooi – Yalor, they go promote so much, give freebies, do ads etc but the basic things, they never even got it right. Cut my line within minutes but CCB they say only Monday can connect back.

    gerald – I hope we get a new Fed Gov really, really, really soon and stop this nonsense of protecting TMNet all the time.

    donald – Betul-betul bodoh lah, what kind of system takes a minute to disconnect the line without the consent of the user and takes three days to connect it back lah. We wanted to opt out but now, they say if they want to connect back my 1Mbps, also must wait for three days, so boh pien we have to take the 4Mbps. If I run a business, *or I make money online*, I sure sue them. But I no make money mah…. šŸ˜‰ Lucky I have my Celcom or else I go siao liao.

  10. Tell them “You better get someone to come over immediately! My business is running online and I am losing millions of dollars if you are doing this to me! My clients are all complaining already. Who is going to pay for the millions of dollars? Are you going to compensate my losses??? HUH!!!” šŸ˜”

    Did that one, the frontline idiots went speechless! The next morning they send technician to my house liao :mrgreen:

  11. Yalorrr if Fed gomen change , first agenda clear all the monopoly of telcos and whatever > Free Market for ALL , see they all tahu or not that time ! My 1Mbps also dropping like hell past week , maybe should send some birds droppings to nearest TM place !

  12. BEH – Hahaha, TMNet hates club unite!

    Clare – I dare not make noise, later taxmen knocking on my door. I say I NO make money hor? And somemore, I enjoy assassinating them online. Later when I free time, I go SEO every TMNet keywords and kasi all searches come to read this baru tau. That will cost them more money. šŸ‘æ

  13. I’ve actually complained so many times to their ‘toll’ free number ‘consultants’, I still have 4 tickets outstanding they haven’t cleared since Raya last year. Everytime I call, I have to explain my problem, damn sian already. I keep telling them the screen in front of them not telling them anything is it. And even if they send technician over, its the wrong tech form the wrong section. Complain Streamyx, TM sends telephone technician; where got meaning like that. The only good thing about all these complains now I have new phone (blue kaler) and no sound feedback.

  14. Ha, Ha, I know how that feels like sometimes….like an ass loh. Good that your lk going to basuh them, in my opinion they are too comfortable sitting in their aircon office doing nothing, once in a while someone should go and make hell for them.
    I did once but was with an insurance company, same loh, sell you that time everything can, everything ok but come to actually using it, must like this and like that. Made me feel like an ass for believing them in the first place but after “sapu” them left right, felt better and got the result I want. He, he….

    Ohh, I like your term “super-tiu”, ha, ha, good one, I wonder what “mega-tiu” will be like but I wouldn’t want to be near you loh!!

    Have a cup of tea and chilllllllll……after blood pressure naik…

  15. I can’t wait for new gomen to kick their bloody lazy stupid asses… Last time I call directory services ( boh pien oredi situation) the OPERATOR tiu me for calling them to ask for 2 numbers… she said… My god, some ppl just love to ask questions…. ( in BM)

    ABATHEN! Name oso directory services? U want me to call who? Your CEO ah?

    So I told her.. I’m sorry you are too stupid to get a better job with better conditions.. unfortunately this is all you can get so kindly give me the number…

  16. sigh..wutever u do..dun sign up with MAXIShit! basically if it went any slower, a crippled grandmother snail can crawn faster! kanasai! šŸ˜”

  17. Years ago,I lost my Streamyx username when I was persuaded to sign up for a new account to take advantage of a better package. They did not tell me that the existing account had to be terminated first and in the process unfortunately someone beat me to registering the username. Luckily my e-mails were through the TMnet dial up service, so I did not have to change my e-mail address.

    I finally managed to get it back last year by signing up again but have now ended up paying a higher monthly access fee and no free modem (no stock and did not want to take chances again).


  18. Ha ha ha.. 4MB line are also based on best effort.. If you remember the whee days of TMNUTS BB, they were fast, delivering what they had promised. But later when more and more people jump into the fray, things got from bad to worse. You can barely hit 50% line speed during peak hours.

    You have to know 1 very logical reason. Our international gateway is only like 16MB-32MB. Means this total bandwidth is shared amongst millions of users in M’sia.
    What if locally we can achieve 4MB?
    Who here uses local sites so frequently and heavily?
    Most of M’sia’s outgoing Internet traffic are to the world, thus even if you have Fiber BB, you will still be crawling…

    TMNUTS is not going widely give everyone fast internet without charging an arm or a leg. They are earning as they are the only fixed line provided. Comparing to other countries, you can use fix line and switch provider that suits your needs.

    So what’s the point in paying so much for something that is not reachable in reality? I say stick to the old package and sooner or later they will upgrade your package to a much higher speed.

  19. You got tell you are blogger of boh? Jeff Ooi complain a bit nia the staffs from Maxis and Celcom promptly went to check his line liao. Perhaps TMNut people don’t read blogs or maybe they don’t know what’s Internet. Haha…

  20. wah u managed to find something to diss just like you mentioned in ur previous post! hehehee
    Memang screamyx very lousy..very tired already want to deal with them..macam-macam perangai and alasan whenever i called to complain!

  21. Hi,

    I can totally understand how tulan you are.

    You see, I moved back to Ipoh from Cameron Highlands before CNY. I went to Ipoh TMNet office, they said I didn’t have to disconnect the old phone and Streamyx.They would do the transfer from CH to Ipoh online. I trusted them and thought…wow! Speed service,man!

    A few days later, I got my new phone number and waited for them to transfer my Streamyx to this new number.

    Nothing. Then, I called TMNet. They said not yet. From then on, almost every day, I called TMNet. I even opened a report.

    Reasons? Still transferring…please be port at the moment…system not yet pick up the new number..blah blah..blah. šŸ‘æ

    Each time I called, they made verification and mentioned my OLD phone number! I scolded them..”I gave you guys the new phone number each time. The next time I called back, you guys told me the OLD number again.”

    I even complained to the manager.

    Almost one month after using the NEW number, they still didn’t solve the problem.

    The very last time I called, they asked me not to call them anymore. They would call me if they found a port for my Streamyx?? What?? No port for my Streamyx?? How could it be? So many people use Streamyx in Ipoh,how could it be that NO PORT??

    You know what they answered,”Bcos many people use Streamyx, so no port lor.”

    I was pissed off. I had to get help from a nearby computer shop. I asked them if it was very difficult to apply Streamyx account. No, very easy. On the very same day, I got my new Streamyx account. The next day, it was activated!


    Why didn’t they just told the truth that I should close my old one and open a new one? Why waste people’s time?

    Because of stupid TMNet, I had to use EZnet that cost me more than $400 for one month!! šŸ‘æ

  22. LOL

    go and get PenangFon.

    cheap and good+ the technical staff is very good,willing to guide you step by step.some more 24/7 on call

  23. Are you really having b-r-o-a-d-band?

    Click this links to check

    What is Broadband? (

    Connection speeds and download limits (

    Is telephone cable the same as road highways?

    1. Roads during peak period will have traffic jams.

    2. However, telephone cables are similar to TNB cables.

    3. One electric cable from TNB is connected to a row of terrace houses.

    4. Bear in mind the usage of electricity is 24 hours per day in every house. Peak usage is during the night with TVs, airconds etc. Do you experience low voltage? Power surge perhaps.

    5. Is broadband usage 24 hours? Is every house using broadband?


    1. I urge everyone to check whether you are getting the download speed that you subscribed from streamyx. For your info, you should get at least 90%.
    2. Please click this link to see how much speed you get. Click a few times to confirm. (
    3. If you are getting below 50%, please do a print screen.
    4. To do a print screen, put your cursor at the down right hand corner (put the cursor at the time) to get the date and day appear. Once appear, press together the keyboard buttons ctrl and prt sc.
    5. Next click start, All Programs, Accessories, Paint
    6. Press keyboard buttons ctrl and v
    7. Then File, Save As (put a name) Save into your desktop
    8. Send it as attachment to,,
    9. They need your support and evidence to bring up to TM
    10. Please support for everyone benefit

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