UPDATED : I am super-tiu now because TMPoint said they need THREE DAYS to reconnect back my old line if I want to cancel my subscription for the 4Mbps. TNMCH, TMNet, Streamyx, TMPoint – Go suck monkey ass! And I am being very polite today.

Please train your staffs properly first before you spend money promoting something.

Your staffs are clueless.

We signed up for the 4Mbps package. No one tells us that they are going to farking disconnect our current 1Mbps for 3-7 days to put a new line.

I say yew is stewpeeg becoz I no skool go I also know the basic common sense :

1) Get your technical people to set up the port whatever, bring the new modem to our house THEN do what you need to transfer the line. This certainly don’t need 3-7 working days.

2) Train your staffs properly to tell the consumers first before you go on road shows, place ads on my blog, put in the paper etc. Cannot even get the basic stuffs right, promote what ka’chng lah.

3) We asked your staff if it is possible for us to apply for an additional line and then, when the 4Mbps is working, change our phone number back. Also tak tau.

Farking mahai, I don’t know to be angry with who. Your clueless staffs, your company, my country for having only one domineering service provider or myself for believing that TMNet is good. Maybe I should be angry with myself.


Since I am on a rant mode, the Penang Bridge wat-wat manager also stupid. He said in the newspapers today ‘Don’t use the bridge during peak hours.’ So, the 5xmom hereby gives her honorary STEWPEEG badge to TMNet and also Penang Bridge. You think people intentionally go for a joyride on the bridge ah? They need to get to work lah, woi! I think we should throw some people down the bridge, don’t you think so? And you pak-hai people working on the island- I paling kesian you guys because every morning, you kena jam, every evening, you kena jam. Go protest at the Penang Bridge chairman office lah.

– End of rant –

I am blogging from my Celcom 512kbps while my hubby has gone to TMPoint to ‘basuh’ them already.