It is frustrating to see how fickle our Education Ministry is. Many years back, Science and Maths are in BM. Then, they decided that we Malaysians need to measure up globally. So, they changed it to English.

Then, kids cannot catch up. Do you know that they actually have TWO languages of these subjects? You can either take it in Mandarin or BM or in English. Now, they are considering changing back to BM.

A decision on whether Science and Mathematics will continue to be taught in English will be made after the UPSR results are released at the end of the year.

All my three sons were affected by this change of language.

Son #1 had to start studing Science and Maths in English from Form One, I think.

Son #2 continue with the BM Sains and Matematik and change to English when he went to Form One.

Son #3 entered school and started Science and Maths in English.

So, my suggestion?

Make up your mind already. Stop this ‘wait and see the results of the UPSR’. Let the English language stays and get all Malaysians, regardless their mother tongues are Mandarin or Bahasa Malaysia to start learning English. Once and for all, smack everyone and tell them, this is final. Learn.

How can you gauge the results of the UPSR of 12 years old when you are still allowing the students to choose whether to sit for their exams in Bahasa Malaysia or English?

Make it the ultimatum so that every parents know beforehand, even before they give birth to their babies, even before they screw (hehehe) that their kids are studying Science and Maths in English. No more further discussion. So, start learning from small or risk losing out in school.

It is time we stop this empathy of trying to please all the races while trying to claim to go global and want to fly to the moon etc etc.

“We are looking into whether subjects like English Literature could be introduced at primary level as that is when children are able to master many languages,” he said.

And now, don’t come to us with this funny thing like English literature. If the kids cannot master a simple plus, minus, multiply, how do you think they can master English Literature, dude? It is part of the fault of the teaching medium and the parents and kids attitude. Some parents are just plain anti-English because they got this paranoia that English = Western = Christian. Some parents implanted their kids with the second-class mentality that just because they are not angmohs, they cannot roll their tongues or speak with their nose and hence English is a difficult language.

Next, check what is wrong with the syllabus. Are we throwing a bunch of seven years old into Primary One without the basic knowledge of what is animal, plant, tree or even know how to spell apple?


And this is written by someone who only studied up to Form Five. Proof that it is all a matter of attitude. If you keep feeding complacency you get bodoh-er by the generation.

(quotes source from The Star
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