We went to Queensbay Mall and they have this DIGI FearFactor promo with live snakes, scorpions and spiders. If we top RM30, we get to eat :

fried silk worms

Deep fried silkworms. Very nice, lemak, crunchy and buttery.

fried grasshopper

Crunchy fried grasshopper. Taste like fried shrimps, only crunchier. That one is my 12 years old posing for me. I ate both silkworms and grasshoppers because they are darn nice, ok?

fried silk worms

Don’t stare at my palm, I got very hard life wan, I know.

char koay teow

Eating grasshoppers and silkworms not enough, we later went to eat char koay teow. Today is my last day of detox mah…Buka puasa lah.

Besides getting free snacks of silkworms and grasshoppers, I also get a lucky dip. Put my hand into a big jar of live crickets to find a lizard. Take out the lizard and yahoooo! I got a RM50 DIGI top up. Lucky day indeed. *sigh* My son said, “Ma…you are weird you know? Eating worms with all those people watching.” My reply, “Who cares…bloggable materials, die-die also must do.”

Dead, deep fried worms I no sked. But I dare not even look at those live, crawling ones. Burp.

*lizard is a rubber one