*Warning : All those who have a tendency to feel jealous, you have my permission to leave now. Thank you.*

You know hor, people have to put up ad codes to get ad.

I don’t put wan……. they have to come and ask me, “Ah Lian ah, can you put up your ad codes or not? Sony Asia wants to advertise on your leaderboard. Tham siong jik eh eh sai boh?”

Then only I put up the code so that Sony Asia can put that Da Vinci code banner on my site. It has been there for a few weeks so I must say thank you to them. Like all probloggers, I 5xmom the bohblogger also want to thank my advertisers. (boh = betina)

This week, I even get Marie France Bodyline ads on my Women Only blog. (the link goes to my women blog) I was hoping they would give me a free slimming session, actually.

There are six ads together, Sony, Maxis, NZ Icecream, Marie France, Microsoft and Digi. Things are looking up for bloggers because now blog advertising is the way to go.

Few days ago, I wrote an informative post for the companies in Malaysia on how to optimise their websites to the maximum. I use Malaysian Dreamgirls as a case study and hope all the other Malaysian companies will look into this very important part of doing anything online. (link goes to my Make Money blog)

Getting on the first page should be your ultimate target. Hire me through Nuffnang to give your company a review. If I can get my blog to appear when people search for Pak Lah, Khir Toyo, Ali Rustam, Chua Soi Lek’s or Khairy Jamaluddin and Lim Guan Eng, I can make your company be on the first page too. My most recent mention of Juvanex Detox has got on the first page now. (Google Malaysia result for Juvanex). So did Monster.com.my.

So, yeah, thanks to Nuffnang, I am getting four digit monthly. And no, Income Tax is not an issue. Only if I earn over RM3,500 per month, then only I need to declare my income from Nuffnang. If I really earn that much, I will gladly pay the taxes due. Otherwise, I am such a poor person, the Income Tax department also don’t want to ‘hiu’ me lah.

My Nigerian scams income and offshore income like those barrels of crude oil I purchase are not taxable, ok? My accountant said so.