A. Asohan, The Star – talks some senses, finally


I met and shook hands with A. Asohan about five years back. He was then the Editor of InTech and was the one who featured me in InTech. Not just one tiny column but three full pages, full colour pages about how I turned from a bereaved mom to someone who owns several websites.

I went to Menara Star to meet with Soo Ewe Jin, my nice brother-in-Christ who encouraged me to write a book. Lim Cheng Hoe too was fond of me because I could write articles from fresh perspective and I did write several articles in The Star back then. (The payment sucks but the seeing your name on print is fun. And what is fun-ner is when people wrote to criticise or praise you in the Letters to the Editor)

In short, I had high regards of The Star before I was a blogger. I was a webmaster before I turned blogger. Now, few years later, I don’t know why I enjoyed dissing The Star so much. It has become a foreign paper to me. I no longer have that second thoughts like, “Ooops, if I say something bad, what will Ewe Jin/Cheng Bee/Cheng Hoe thinks?”


And this article by A. Asohan confirms it. Many of them still think like us. Just that they are working for a newspapers by MCA.

Also, there aren’t “tens of thousands” of Opposition blogs. Like you, the Opposition parties had only a handful, notably by the likes of Jeff Ooi, Lim Kit Siang, Tony Pua, Chegu Bard, and a few others.

All those others? They aren’t Opposition blogs. They’re the blogs of the people of Malaysia. You know … the rakyat.

They are concerned individuals, giving their personal take on the issues that affect them. Some are insightful, others are biased; some question everything and everyone, others question everyone but a former prime minister; some are balanced and objective, others wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Just because they disagree with or criticise you does not make them “Opposition” blogs. Labelling them thus gives the impression that you’re not really listening to the people of Malaysia.

Yes, we who love to make The Star (or rather the story you feature) our meal for breakfast/lunch/dinner are just your consumers. Glad that A. Asohan pointed it out. We can make or break you because the customer is always right.

Here’s some news for you: The MSM was more than equal to the task of getting your message across to just about every Malaysian out there. Verily, wearily … Malaysians got your message. They just didn’t buy it.

You want to counter all that criticism on the Net? Easy: don’t give people any ammunition. Don’t say stupid things, don’t release ill-conceived statements, don’t contradict yourself, don’t harp on issues that only you seem concerned about.

Malaysians are not stupid. They’ve never been stupid. They’ve always criticised. In the old days, they did it in barbershops, taxis, and at the mamak stalls. Now they do it on the Internet. Perhaps I’m being uncharacteristically optimistic but I think the Malaysian people have reached a new stage in their process of self-realisation.

All quotes taken from The Star, written by A. Asohan, Editor, New Media, at The Star, is going to don a flame-retardant jacket now..

Thank you, A. Asohan. At least we see glimmer of hope that not everyone in the MSM are zombies. Not everyone have been ripped off their souls by MCA and UMNO. Well, except for maybe Datuk WCW?

**Here are some of my earlier websites (for those who do not know my ‘background’). I have lost the original Dreamweaver site due to moving so many times so most of my files are missing. But in a gist :
Parenting site – MyMomsBest
Bereavedparent : MyHealingPath
IllChildren : MyLittleHeroes
and my son’s Vincent memorial which I built six years ago. (May 1st is going to be his sixth death anniversary)

Now, do you agree that we used to have much higher regards for the mainstream media several years ago? But now?

We want to shred it,

flush it,

spit on it,

stomp on it

wrap ‘tea-bags’ with it

and if it is not so toxic, we would use it to clean our arse

and what else? ….you tell them…

6 thoughts on “A. Asohan, The Star – talks some senses, finally

  1. We use newspapers to clean our behinds when we were kids… pity we progressed and grew out of that, otherwise we’d like especially to do it to some major ones… For some like WCW, the stakes are still too high to risk their paychecks. So, they just keep their souls in the freezer, for a while yet, until December or next elections…maybe.

  2. No, no, no…not only tahpauing food..

    Newspapers are very useful for:

    1. keep banyak-banyak (collect from all those who would otherwise throw it away) then sell to recycle shop and make money

    2. toilet-training for indoor dogs – no need to bring dog out for walks anymore, just train it to shit and pee on the newspapers

    3. Roll it up and can use as a fly swatter!

    4. Shred it and use it as ‘cushion’ for breakable stuff when packing breakable things in boxes.

    5. Spray it with a bit of water and then use it to polish glass, windows. Very effective.

    6. Use it to wrap delicate, glass or porcelain ware for storage

    See? Newspapers are very useful things!

  3. Newspapers hmmmm now i only got Guang Ming Daily that does tell you a lot about our MSM doesnt it . Star hmmmm me boycotting so no sULAT Kabar Angin Lama.

  4. I’ve always respected AA ever since his days as Editor at In-Tech – back then they actually published *good* game reviews rather than syndicate canned ones from Jumboplay promoting inane puzzle games.

  5. Oh yes, there are lots of people in the star that think “like us”. You should’ve heard the cheers in the building on March 8….

    (slinks away quietly)

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