We went to Telok Tempoyak in Batu Maung the other day. Normally, if we go to remote places like these, I will bring several cameras with me. It is very nice to capture the family moments together.


The four sons and the horizon. Wei, I straighten the photo with PICASA already, so horizon senget somemore or not ah?


The husband and the four kids (one blocked by hubby). It was in the evening but there wasn’t any spectacular sunset because it was about to rain. I told the hubby that he seems to be wearing the same bermuda in every picture I took.


The eldest and the youngest. The youngest is very close to the eldest and loves to sit on his lap. He very cheeky with the #2 and hence, #2 very garang with him. Meanwhile, he is very buddy with the #3. When #3 is in school, he will be missing him and keep looking at the clock to see when his kor-kor will get home from school.


We found the hubby perching on the stilt.

“HOI, uncle! Nanti jatuh dalam laut lah! Apa lu buat, uncle?!!!”