First, I have a confession to make. I did not finish the 7-day detox in seven days but dragged it to nine days because I had my period. It is kind of silly but I am afraid that if Count Dracula visits and I continue to shit with Juvanex, there will be nothing left of me.

I know I have put up a lot of food photos on my blog. But do you seriously think I am pigging out while I am supposed to detox? Well, I did eat. But I ate only mouthfuls and quarter of what I would normally eat.


And jeng,jeng,jeng…..on Sunday morning when I was in a rush to go out, I absent-mindedly grabbed my tightest jeans and discovered later that I am no longer feeling like a ketupat! I had been avoiding wearing that jeans because it was soooo tight, it made me breathless. I wore it, jumped into the car and drove off. Midway, I realized, no shit! I am wearing my favourite jeans again! Yay!!!!

Juvanex does not claim to make you lose weight with the detox. But then, if I had been peeing and shitting more than usual, I have naturally lost a lot of bloatedness. Although I know I feel lighter, I dare not step on the weighing scale. As long as I can still wear my favourite jeans without feeling like the button is going to pop and hit someone blind, I am happy already.

(I haven’t eat watermelon with seeds for a long time already and spitting out seeds suddenly become so much fun. BTW, watermelon helps to flush out toxins as well.)

I did have high expectations like having beautiful skin after the seventh day. Well….I do not know about beautiful skin because my skin is usually very radiant (for someone my age) and if it gets anymore beautiful, people will accuse me of botox. Hehehe. But I notice my thighs and arms are flabbier! Ouch! The reason? I have lost some weight or water retention and hence, they become saggier. Never mind, I am going to follow the husband to exercise every day to tone back.

Boy, am I glad the seven days are over. Although I like the idea of having the toxins flushed out of my body, I do feel the effects of it. I woke up with some headaches and sorethroat on day five. On day sixth, I suddenly started having mild diarrhea. I suppose my body reacts differently than what the booklet suggested. I expected to make toilet runs the first few days but it didn’t happened until the sixth day. Ouch, I spent day six and seven at home because I was paranoid of not being able to find a toilet.

The other thing is I drank more fruit and vegetable juices than usual. I made this cucumber, kiwi and ginger blend to take with Juvanex. After a few minutes, my stomach rumbled like a washing machine on spin mode. Fuyoh, I can imagine those probiotics in Juvanex fighting a war with the bad bacterias in the squatter areas in my tummy. It ended with nuclear bomb explosions in my toilet.


I tell you, though I do not like the idea of toilet emergencies, I do get some kind of evil satisfaction that my innards are churing upside down, inside out and round and round to get rid of those clogged drains. I even took a peek to see if there are any monsters that were flushed out by Juvanex. The booklet describe about ‘UFO’ (unknown floating objects) in the toilet bowl. Ewwwssss…

I was telling this Mr. I love to Pang Sai (terence lah!) to try Juvanex but he said he pangsai three times a day already. Siao! But if you are the kind who drink, smoke, live sedentary lifestyle, often have constipation, get lots of pimples, eat a lot of rich foods or just being plain curious or concern about your health, go try Juvanex. I have a few ladies whom had tried it. You can read their comments in my previous post on Juvanex.

(My last Juvanex drink was a blend of banana and papaya.)

Overall, it is an easy to drink detox program. No funny herbal smell. No sickening flavour. Just pure and refreshing lemony taste. I think I will give Juvanex detox another round in maybe three or four months time.