Actually, I wrote it already but I caught the last minute update from Rocky’s Bru so I better shaddap.

You know, Penang has some of the most beautiful places around. Today, I went for a walk with the hubby and kids at the Botanical Gardens. Usually, if I am alone, I dare not take the kids there because the monkeys in Botanical Gardens are terribly fierce and aggressive. I was ‘robbed’ by monkeys before and since then, I always freaked out whenever there are monkeys around.

couroupita guianensis or  cannon ball tree.

I was squatting on the ground to take a picture of this cannon ball flowers and suddenly, I heard grunting noises. I turned around and saw five of them staring at me! They were eyeing my backpack. I cabut fast-fast to catch up with my hubby ‘cos I sked male monkey molest.


I didn’t know I have hairy hands until I see this photo. It is just a tiny weeny spider. Can you see the hairy legs of the spider?


I hope the DAP/PKR/PAS Penang state government under the Pakatan Rakyat will bring back the glory of the Botanical Gardens. The place has several orchid house and other kind of special plants but all of them were neglected. There is this lily pond which looks like some horror movie setting because the shady trees cut off all the sunlight and the pool is black, the pathway is dark and it is just way spooky. I got some photos in my Flickr album for Botanical Gardens, in case you want to see more cannon ball flowers.

couroupita guianensis or  cannon ball tree.

What’s the point of this post? Nothing. I damn free mah, so I waste time writing rubbish lor. I shiok leh, you beh shiok ah? (Oi Terence, that cilaka Albert guy still ranting but my spam filter ate all his comments. For those who missed it, this lame guy name Albert who cannot even afford to pay all his Potong Saga car loan come and lansi asked me why I waste time blogging and not out there helping sick people. He said he damn good because he spends his day helping sick people. Kanasai, if that is not enough, he said all Christians people want to brainwash him. Tiu lah, my God also doesn’t want people like you albert lah, want to do good things, quietly do enough. If you go heaven, I go hell better, I don’t want to meet people like you. That stupid Albert comment on this DIGI post.)