Updated with Malaysian Dreamgirls photos because these are the final three. Yay! To Adeline, Hanis and ermmm Cindy too. All the Malaysian Dreamgirls related things are in italics.

(Adeline – She has improved a lot in terms of modelling and posing-posing. One of the least controversial contestant. I heard Paul (hahaha) must have spent a lot of money to vote for her.)

First this Albert said I am wasting my time blogging and should be like him who spends his day cheering people who are sick.

Then, he said all Christians are only interested to brainwash him.

Now, he said I am not like Dr. Chua Soi Lek. Muahaha…I don’t want to be like Dr. Chua Soi Lek, oi Albert.

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(This is Hanis. I bet if all the Malay guys who find Hanis ayu, lemah-lembut, comel, cantik, anggun dan macam-macam lagi, she is going to win. Hanis too is one of my favourite contestant.)

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Then, Albert probably has a lot of time left after he has gone around to help the needy, so he troll my blog and tell me we are all living in a illusional world.

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(This is Cindy. Initially, I do not like her but after reading her blog, I notice that she has a very close knit family and her papa is so supportive of her and gave her some very good advices. So, yeah, Cindy got the bitch factor. Good for her for standing up for herself.)

Cilaka Albert,

I tell you why I blocked you. Because you are damn annoying like a broken record. But since I see you so kesian…..every day, don’t like my blog also still hang around, cincai lah, I pass through your comments. I no guarantee if other people call you names, ok? I gave you a chance. I let your comments masuk my Akismet because I know my readers can be very garang and hentam you. But you want mah, so take it.

Muahahar… You ain’t a blogger until you get trolls. Ammah, I am femes!