People, talk to Albert

Updated with Malaysian Dreamgirls photos because these are the final three. Yay! To Adeline, Hanis and ermmm Cindy too. All the Malaysian Dreamgirls related things are in italics.

(Adeline – She has improved a lot in terms of modelling and posing-posing. One of the least controversial contestant. I heard Paul (hahaha) must have spent a lot of money to vote for her.)

First this Albert said I am wasting my time blogging and should be like him who spends his day cheering people who are sick.

Then, he said all Christians are only interested to brainwash him.

Now, he said I am not like Dr. Chua Soi Lek. Muahaha…I don’t want to be like Dr. Chua Soi Lek, oi Albert.

Albert1951 |

u are pretty smart to install software spam filter to delete those unfavorable comments on you.So,u publish only those favorable comments in your blog.And u create an image that u are a good old lady.A genuine and sporting blogger will never do this kind of despicable act,they welcome all comments posted by unknown people.Check and see our blogger Chua accepts all the comments posted by anonymous people.

(This is Hanis. I bet if all the Malay guys who find Hanis ayu, lemah-lembut, comel, cantik, anggun dan macam-macam lagi, she is going to win. Hanis too is one of my favourite contestant.)

From What I get from Juvanex 7-day detox?, 2008/04/24 at 2:38 PM

Then, Albert probably has a lot of time left after he has gone around to help the needy, so he troll my blog and tell me we are all living in a illusional world.

Albert1951 |

u feel guilty now and so u block my comments.U like Terence cos all the time he polishes your shoes and side u.However,I am not that kind of people.I have guts to speak what I think in my mind.Since u are so free,u should go and help the needy.Blogging is just an illusion and a virtual world.Spend your time wisely in a beneficial way to help more people.See my comments on

From 5xmom DIGI FearFactor pics, 2008/04/24 at 2:24 PM

(This is Cindy. Initially, I do not like her but after reading her blog, I notice that she has a very close knit family and her papa is so supportive of her and gave her some very good advices. So, yeah, Cindy got the bitch factor. Good for her for standing up for herself.)

Cilaka Albert,

I tell you why I blocked you. Because you are damn annoying like a broken record. But since I see you so kesian…..every day, don’t like my blog also still hang around, cincai lah, I pass through your comments. I no guarantee if other people call you names, ok? I gave you a chance. I let your comments masuk my Akismet because I know my readers can be very garang and hentam you. But you want mah, so take it.

Muahahar… You ain’t a blogger until you get trolls. Ammah, I am femes!

38 thoughts on “People, talk to Albert

  1. Albert ah, why you bosong lilian because she is free? She didn’t kill your mother right? World peace….

  2. Albert,
    Why you so unfair? Why you only comment on aunty lilian’s blog? You cannot come my blog and give me traffic ah? I gerenti won’t censor your comment no matter how stupid it might sound. how?

    don’t care you christian, hindu, buddhist, muslim, jew, ‘che gau’, i also take. On ok? Don’t kacau lilian anymore, she no time for you.

  3. Wah, this kind of ppl again ar…swtt..

    wonder why are they so free…go around kacau here kacau there..
    Then they try to give misleading statement to make your reader think the other way..but seems tht nv works..haha

    somemore they didn’t do homework before kacau kacau…swt..

    Th_c-I think hor, it’s the albert tht is so free..haha

  4. How about Albert the Jerk? Or Albert the Idiot? Both also rhyme wat…

    Dear Mr Albert the annoying jerk who insist on buzzing around acting like the general all self-righteous, pretentious prick,

    Firstly,this blog is paid for by Lilian so she has every right to do whatever she wants with it and that includes dissing any idiot who decides that he is better than everyone else just because he helps the needy.

    Heck, you can be Mother Theresa reincarnate and so what? If you do it sincerely like the late Mother Theresa, I doubt that you’d go around announcing that you help the needy! FFS! Talk about hypocrites! And why bring religion into it? I am not Christian and yes, I have met a lot of Christians who were very vocal about their religion but I do not lump all Christians together!

    You are a real piece of work. šŸ™„ You don’t like this blog, get lost lah, nobody is stopping you.

    By the way, Lilian, maybe this pretentious prick is besotted with you, that’s why he is ‘stalking’ your blog? LOL

  5. Foong,
    Actually hoh, maybe this guy is a stalker like you say. Poor anilnetto, kena ‘stalk’ by this guy every morning (if you read his comments there)

  6. klaw – LOL, I got chronic stalker. I femes!

    Foong – These people really spent all their emotions on hating lor. How many days liao, still leaving comments wor. You no sked he also go kong-yeh-sou telling you you are also wasting your time?

    charles – Fun hor? Got people let us diss free of charge. I thot dunwan to publish kasi him muka sikit but hari hari still leave long long comments.

    Klaw – You not lengjai enough, he no like you lah. Hahaha. Perasan lah lu. šŸ˜†

    th_c – He said he got potong saga and he retired liao and still got 3 more years to pay the car loan. Told me in such an arrogant manner wor. What kind of attitude is that lah.

    shadowfox – You potong stim lah, spoil my suspense on the MDG only. But yay! Finally….

  7. 3 more years to pay loan and somemore still being arrogant about it?? aiseh! I, 3 more months to finish pun diam-diam..

    If this Albert guy think he is SOOOOOOO DAMN GOOD and KIND HEARTED guy who helped the needy people, he should post his Kind Deeds at the front page of The Star, NSTP, CHINA PRESS etc..etc..
    Tell 5xMom saja for what?? chis! Let the whole world know mah..

    We help people because we sincerely want to help them mah, no ‘udang di sebalik mee’. Tolong orang konon but mau nama and called baik hati! Pirahhhh!!

    “U like Terence cos all the time he polishes your shoes and side u” ~ Confirm this guy jeles with terence! He wanted to be liked by you lah 5xmom!! hahahaa Secret Admirer nie..

  8. “Blogging is just an illusion and a virtual world.”

    Hallo Albert..u read what u write one ka? If that’s what you think a blog is wat u doing hanging round ppl’s blogs??? Trying to tell ppl u live in an illusion ka? So your helping all those sick ppl also illusion la izzit???

    Tak malu ah lu.. proton car sampai retire pun kenot finish paying. Wan to wait until expire baru habis pay eh? šŸ˜†

  9. kadusmama – This guy is freaky lah but maybe he is lonely so cari kawan to gaduh. Maklumlah, whole day wear his halo so those horns need to scratch a bit.

    Terence is my hired pak guard lah. Hahaha. Wait he come out from lokap he sure come whack AhBird wan.

  10. LOL Guess you’re helping the needy and by allowing him to post LOL
    As I have said before Albert IS IN LOVE with you Lilian. Unrequited love very hard to stop wor

  11. romantic – What I sipehtulan is how he can drag Chua Soi Lek blog in to compare with me. Niamah, does my blog has any resemblance of a politician blog? Niamah, I cincai-cincai also got 10 times their traffic lah. Want to compare, go take Lim Kit Siang or Jeff Ooi lah. Jatuk my standard.

  12. wa boh suka itu cha boh in dat show. niamah so fake lah boh cun. Next Top Model wannabe la. my cat pun more cun den them liao!

    aiyo who albert stalk stalk? hiao wan ah?

  13. Niamah CCB,KKC,BBQ,LPPL,DBKL,ALAM FLORA, *@^@%#%@%^!^!!!!

    Woi! ALBERT, you wanna flame Lilian, you flame her lah, why the fark you drag me in pulak. Since when I polish her??? Even if I did, my problem lah.

    Like I said, I admire what you do for the needy and whatsoever. But you can’t be telling ppl to follow what you do. If blogging is a waste of time, you being a reader of blogs is wasting more time isn’t it? Don’t be a hypocrite. Move on lah.

    Its no small matter flaming anyone in their blogs or commentators(ME) because you don’t know the REAL person behind the blog/comments.

    Up to this moment, I have never called you names and it shall remain that way. I admire what you do. Don’t drag me into your fracas with Lilian. And never bring religion here. Trust me, you wouldn’t like me when I am angry.

    With your IP in full view, I can track you down. Believe me. I can. Like I just said, you do not know the REAL person behind the blog/comments and what they do in REAL life.

    So, play nice and move along. Go and disturb MENJ. He might be interested. :mrgreen:

    TAKE THIS AS A WARNING. Thank you.

  14. Terence – Hahahahaha, they let you out of the lokap so fast? :mrgreen: Cilaka, Albert won’t be interested in Menj lah. Ask him go ask Lim Kit Siang don’t waste time blogging better mah.

    9pek9bo – Never seen so huanchu people hor? Wanna do good, diam diam do enough lah. Or else go start a blog lor, hor?

    azhan – The world is full of nuts.

  15. walao…paling benci ppl come in and keh gau gau one lor. I once kena by some tak tau jatuh masuk from search engine and tolong me correct my English. So pandai you go write one on your own, full perfect English la. T.T potong stim nia.

    Stalker very dangerous one ar 5xMom. Better bring pepper spray. =P This kind of people, very lonely one. Some more, walao, pay sure very low lor. Cause till now still cant finish paying the installment. Like that lagi suey, let rich one stalk not that sad. Some more let lonely, poor man stalk. Kesian.

    Uncle Albert ar? I wish you good luck fast fast finish paying your proton ya?? New one also come out liao, your old one some more not yet finish paying. Sekali government say cars more than 5 years old kenot drive on the road you have to start from the beginning. And don’t waste time read blog, go help the needy, there are plenty. =) I see beggar I give RM1 if I thought of u okay? We are all very charitable people. =)

  16. i think this albert just want to be get famous. he knew he cannot be like you no matter how he wrote. u are so famous and he wants to take the opportunity to make use of u and let him famous.

    hoi, celaka albert, go help ppl la, come here ka ka cau cau non stop for what? u have so many time to come read at ppl blog? no need to go help the one who needs u ar? the funny part is, old proton not yet finished paying until now also want to say it out, scared no one laugh at u is it?

    we help ppl we no need to announce to the whole world. if u help ppl and want to let the whole world know about it, then u only want famous la, not really want to help!

    i really cannot tahan this kind of ppl!!! really no road use!!

  17. Dear Albert,

    None of us live in illusional blogging world except you.
    I suggest you severe your relationship with the computing world, spend more time doing charity work, then you won’t feel so miserable by coming to 5Xmom site to leave nasty comments.

    Adios Albert, do leave in peace or else you will feel so pek-chek.


  18. I dun know what to say..
    but may be this…
    Albert, you better play far far…
    This place is not for you.

  19. Lilian, aiya, me no scared he come kacau at my blog lar…in fact, I dare him to come and leave long, long comments there! HAHAHA…

    Ehhh…wah, suddenly so silent wan? Albert the Jerk not stalking you today ah?

  20. Untie Lillian,
    Jesus Christ!I surrender. Since most of your devout supporters are outraged against me,I think it is wise to stop delivering u my constructive comments.
    I am scared of the intimidating warning from your supporters too.This is no joke and a serious case so I decide to quit to soothe your supporter’s sentiment.Last but not least,I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of u to allow me to have excess time to help the poor and sick people.(I gave one old disabled untie RM20 this morning in the market,my pocket has left $5,but never mind)
    The second reason why I quit is that I received an AR registered letter from the Citibank notified me if I don’t settle the 5% minimum payment of my Visa card by end of the month,they have no choice but black list me.
    So,at this juncture,I have to look after my affair first.???????

  21. klaw – I couldn’t find any L-bird on anil’s blog punnnn…maybe anil beh tahan also deleted it?

    bryan – Yalor, so much publicity for him. Somemore got three lengluis grace his post.

    Foong – Dunno where he goes liao. Maybe only in the morning got internet access? Stealing from office line, kut?

    choonie – Ya, pigi main jauh jauh hor?

    agnes – He really si peh pek chek, all the time hanging around.

    allenooi – Dunno what kind of person lah. Really no road use.

    ping ping – I think he also stumbled upon and jatuh masuk lubang tahi.

  22. šŸ˜† For a minute I thought Lilian got tied up and we have to UNTIE her muakakakakakaka

  23. Aiyah, 5xmom I did not visit your blog for few days only suddenly got this interesting boy boy show up one? Did I missed anything good or not?

    What is with this Albert fella? You kasi cuci him before is it? He, he, I think you need to get a “see fu” lah, attracting bad element, he,he,he….taruh you with Chua who Lek somemore….he he he

    Maybe your Detox not powerful enough, not clean enough loh, he,he,he

    Ooooi, Albert, what is wrong with you, people don’t want to let you into their house you get mad, where got logic one? How you feel if we “hentam” you because you don’t let us into your house? You see the picture now boy boy………….

  24. T.T Uncle, u sudah retire liao only can afford to give RM20 ar???I since kecik kecik give RM1 lor, even with zero ringgit left in my wallet. I stopped giving cause I find too many tipu orang one around. U give RM20 u give la, muz let the whole world know meh?

    sai em sai come here n sai meng? want us to donate one ringgit per person for u to put ad on newspaper? But hor, nowadays ppl don’t read newspaper already, people read blog. Go start a free one la. And yes, with so many debts, soon you’ll be the needy one. Don’t come here and kacau la. Go do something. You can’t even jaga yourself, want to jaga other people. Charity begins at home ar.

  25. Albert, when someone do good things they don’t go out shouting loud and tell ppl how much they have donated lar. Keep it to yourself. Even if the bank call u up also, we are not interested to know coz that is ur personal matter. Donate RM20 wanna make it a BIG issue pulak. I also donate – donate blood, that one mah lagi generous coz i save ppl life mah. Then, should i tell the entire world about it?

  26. HAHAHHAHA albert..if u think 5XMOM is free..i think u LAGI start bothering about her life!

    and i echo erina..donate ONLY RM20 wana think so highly of yourself? go get a life la….elsewhere..not here!

  27. Luckily my name not Allllllberrrtttttttt šŸ˜†

    Which is worse? Wasting time blogging or wasting time reading blogs which are deemed to be a waste of time? šŸ™„

  28. L-Bird,
    It’s quite clear here that the reason for your charitable acts are nothing more than just wanting to feel good yourself.

    Don’t feel bad about this L-Bird, cos it’s juz human nature that everything we do, we actually do it for ourselves and not for others no matter how it appears to be. We are nice to others simply we want them to be nice to us..understand?

  29. pablo – I want to sue him for stalking, can ah, Loyar? Make polis repot then, give you all the evidence and you issue loyar letter, can? šŸ˜ˆ

    To that L-Bird, from here on, don’t even think I will pass through your comment. Wasting my diskspace and bandwith, nia.

    Since you so free, go leave my URL in every bloggers’ blog and tell them, “I hate 5xmom. Don’t read her blog”. Remember to leave on Chua Soi Lek, Khir Toyo, Muhammad Muhd Taib, Ali Rustam and every UMNO/Barisan bloggers’ blog, ok? Make sure you type my URL properly wor.

  30. Can….we get restraining order and sue him for damages šŸ˜‰

    Make newspaper headlines and leave your url on the newspaper “Blogger 5xmom sues L-Bird for RM5 million for stalking”. Then you super fehmes liao!

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