25th April is my loukong’s birthday.

18 years ago, when he was 30 years old, he celebrated his 30th birthday at the hospital, waiting for the stubborn firstborn son to arrive. (the doctor picked the date, not I asked wan)

The firstborn son refused to share the same birthday with his papa and decided to come out the next day. No matter what the doctor did, he said, “Nah ah, let my father enjoys his own birthday. I will wait for the next day.”

So, today 25th April is exclusively my dear loukong’s birthday.

The best husband.
The best father.

And thank God for the most opened minded person who is ‘multi-religion‘ and yet, the most helpful, kindest and generous to the community in general. This man can spends his weekend hanging buntings for my church (eventhough he is not a Christian and beh tahan fanatic ones) and he mysteriously removed all the DAP posters from our taman. Mysteriously because they missed our taman and those posters were rotting there. So, he took a pen knife and cut them down to avoid DAP kena fine. If any aunties or uncles have a problem with their locks, windows or whatever, he will be the first to bring his set of tools and help them.

So…like this so nice man, where to find worrrr….Of course, married to the 5xmom lah.

P/S : He doesn’t read my blog (lucky!) so no need to wish lah.

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