Writing about the same topic seven times is no joke. The seven posts with the same topic are going to be scrutinized by the same person so I cannot repeat myself seven times with the same story line. I also cannot bullshit too much because I am paid for it.

Neither it is to write 23 different topics in one day.

That’s why someone said he admires me for my persistence, consistency and dedication. And I think I deserve the praise because though many have dropped off the race, I am still going strong with ‘6 posts in 2 hours’ or ‘two interims between each post’ or ‘the fastest taker, gets the most’ or ‘3 x 9 = 27 posts in 48 hours”.

Then, there is the copy codes, copy html, stare at the php codes until I find the missing div tag or something like that.

Let’s not forget the amount of reading I do in order to learn, sniff out new lubang and writing decent posts worthy of my pageranks.

But when it comes to Fridays and especially beginning of the month, everything is worth it! Hallelujah, Praise the Lord. I am still living up to the http://www.12kmom.com that I was, am and forever will be.


Sons ah, when I khong kah khiau liao, remember to burn me lots of WordPress latest upgrades, ok?

Webhost lengjai Bryan – When I khong kah khiau liao, remember to ask the shop to make paper servers. I want dedicated servers, no more virtual private server like right now. Then, you tell my sons to buy super kerng dedicated servers for me, ok? Nay, the kind that allows hosting of hellporn type?

And my blog readers sekalian, remember to burn for me Goooogle cheques. I don’t want hell money, I want Goooogle cheques with many many zeroes, boleh faham?


BTW, people, do you have problems using two mouse (or is it mice?) side by side? I sometimes wish I am ambidextrous because I kept grabbing the wrong mouse. You scroll and then, oi, why the pointer not moving geh? Then only I realize, ohhh…I am holding my Mac mouse and looking at my Vaio screen.