Meme : Bloggers’ fans name

I haven’t done a meme for a long time because I have become very anti-social. It has something to do with a blog’s age. When you have blogged for too long, you tend to become cynical and you just want to spew and not chew.

So, before I totally lose touch, I am going to start a meme. You know….bloggers got lots of fans, right? Even if you are a day old blogger, you sure got fans one…..Really one….I no braff yew one….

What’s a meme ah? A meme is a stupid thing that one blogger passed to another like a baton. So, to play safe, I am going to tag people I know who will sure pick up my meme.

They are :

Foong (do it on yr rant blog lah)
Beng Beng

and I added :

kyH ‘coz you asked. πŸ˜›

So, want to see my fans photos and get to know them?

Nay, my entourage of fans! Ceiling fans, stand fans, ventilaton fans, oscillator fans and box fans.


Jeles leh…..I got fans. You got fans, boh?


So, people, honour thy fans for they keep you cool and prevent you from sweating till your underwears get wet and your balls sticky. Or leave armpit sweat stains and bra shape on your tee.

14 thoughts on “Meme : Bloggers’ fans name

  1. Was reading this Meme post halfway on Saturday nite when my streamyx went dead abruptly..Was totally cyber blind, deaf & dumb for the weekend!
    Anyway, have to ‘kao-tim’ the Tax Dept mia tag first to meet the 30 April deadline before they become my no.1 fan!

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