The 15-mins RPK on Blog on RTM1

Added : The video of RPK on RTM.
It comes in three parts. This is part 1/3
and Part 2/3 is here
and Part 3/3 is here

RPK said in US, they say Islam is the new communism.

This is in response to the host misconception that free speech and anarchy are related. The host keep going round and round that if we have free speech, it will lead to violence and chaos. It made RPK very *shakes head* and told him that this is not reality. Now, Chinese can say Malay can do away with the NEP and Malay can say Chinese monopolised the market. But at the end of the day, eveyone can agree to disagree and yet, work peacefully.

The whole thing turned out more like a political debate with a moron.

The interview ended with the host saying, “Saya pun blogger juga. Jika saya (something like if he lies, he feel bad as a Muslim).”

Well, it is like implying that RPK is lying on his blog. RPK replied that he as a Muslim believed in telling the truth and it is his responsibility to put the truth forward. (something like that).

Habis cerita.

16 thoughts on “The 15-mins RPK on Blog on RTM1

  1. They just want RPK to look bad in front of national TV lah, they own the station they can cut/edit and manipulate things to their advantage.

  2. Shadowfox, good thing was it was broadcast ‘live’. I’m sure the control room people were trying to figure out how to bleep RPK’s comments, hahaha! šŸ˜€

  3. CY – The guy lah, he go and asked political questions pulak. He langsung lost it.

    ShadowFox – The poor chap tried to cut off RPK mid sentence all the time cos he asked the wrong question and RPK keep going and going. And halfway through the show, they interviewed a few people if RPK is anti-establishment and they said no. So overall, it was in RPK’s favour.

  4. I also missed it cos got dinner šŸ™ … hopefully someone will post in on youtube soon..

  5. Paul – You didn’t miss much. It is one roundabout confusing talk. If the people does not follow RPK blogs everyday, they probably catch no ball.

    Choonie – I summarised all there is to know. I can get A+ for summary or not?

  6. šŸ˜€
    i like the part when RPK said about the EC…sudah kawasan 120k voters the other 5k oni..if not because of this BN will kalah !!

  7. Watched it on youtube… Hilarious! The guy tried to bomb RPK using those pop-pop crackers you get during CNY… šŸ˜†

  8. Thx for shating Lil, I’d forgotten to tune in. Anyway, I love the part when RPK said “…otak pun gov mau control”, I have the same thought. Tapi kelakar juga, asyik pusing runabout, but I think we can’t be too nasty to that RTM guy la, it is a bold move by RTM already. I want to see more of similar show on RTM :grin:, but the host must be better la I hope.

  9. Holy cow! RPK fry the guy on national TV. Damn hilarious watching the guy trying to do damage control for wrong questions asked! šŸ˜†

  10. MumOf2 – The poor guy sendiri asked for it by asking those questions with all those big-big words, as if RPK cannot answer likedat.

    mama22beas – Kesian the guy…next he will have to deal with RockyBru, Haris and the likes. I think he nightmare tak habis habis.

    Foong – It is all on Youtube by Msiakini quality recording, never mind.

    Kopi – The guy seems like he only know how ask, but he hardly have time to absorb what RPK said and discuss. But I memang shiok when he tried to say he is a blogger too and implied that he only tell the truths, as if RPK is lying. Kena whacked with RPK deep knowledge of Islam, langsung speechless.

  11. Don’t ask me whether you can get A or not. You can ask me to count, not really much problem till Form 6 level… but university level, you have to ask those with Master degree in education. hahaha…
    Btw, I am in school now and no youtube access. Will watch later. TQ.

  12. i have a strong feel that the sincerity of the guy is heavily questionable as he kept cutting in everytime RPK is making a statement.

    if he’s sincere into doing the interview, let the man finish his sentence. finish first, then ask the next. period.

    but again, i think national tv are like that .. limited air time issue.

  13. I was hoping for a good session but boy I was disappointed. The host looked like someone who had once lost a battle and now trying to settle score.

    It’s even more difficult when he seems to have a very narrow-minded view about blogs and associate blogs and bloggers with only politics and bad things. From the beginning he intimidated RPK into admitting the country now has an open government and that freedom of speech is abundant and all without realizing who his opponent was.

    In the end he got whacked up real good and I am not sure how he slept last night.

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