Added : The video of RPK on RTM.
It comes in three parts. This is part 1/3
and Part 2/3 is here
and Part 3/3 is here

RPK said in US, they say Islam is the new communism.

This is in response to the host misconception that free speech and anarchy are related. The host keep going round and round that if we have free speech, it will lead to violence and chaos. It made RPK very *shakes head* and told him that this is not reality. Now, Chinese can say Malay can do away with the NEP and Malay can say Chinese monopolised the market. But at the end of the day, eveyone can agree to disagree and yet, work peacefully.

The whole thing turned out more like a political debate with a moron.

The interview ended with the host saying, “Saya pun blogger juga. Jika saya (something like if he lies, he feel bad as a Muslim).”

Well, it is like implying that RPK is lying on his blog. RPK replied that he as a Muslim believed in telling the truth and it is his responsibility to put the truth forward. (something like that).

Habis cerita.