You know what I ate last week

I figure, if I touch on religion or even if it is just my ramblings, it will always, always, always attract weirdoes, self-righteous, holy-moly folks. Even if I put big big disclaimer and tell them to bugger off, they will still stick like barnacles.

(This is a durian)

Actually, I want to write about how the Catholic church is suing the Government for forbidding the Catholic church to use the word Allah in the Catholic’s publication The Herald. But you know lah, if I start to open my mouth, it will attract all the above like flies attracted to a piece of belacan. Still, I am damn excited over this case because hey, how often do you get to sue the Government? Well, maybe in this case, it is not the kind of ‘sue’ that we are talking about. It is much tamer, in a sense. But nevertheless, it is very kick-ass.

steamed fish
(This fish costs only RM6 and after I steamed it Kylie Kwong style, it tastes as good as those from restaurants. Maybe they will charge me RM30 for it.)

I have just put up a new poll. I guess you folks can guess who is who in the choice of answers I put up. It is only a one-question poll so take it. I personally hope we will see a lady PM in the horizon. All these talks about whose’s fault and all those acting-heroes-I-made-an-apology-asses are getting idiotic. I really, really hope that we will see some changes like what we saw in our Penang State Government.

I tell you, I si peh beh tahan that lau-ee with a streak of white hair is back in the state as the Fed Gov has picked her to head the tourism in Penang. Long time ago, I thought that’s the last I see of this Datuk whose husband, we call Datin.

peking duck
(This was the birthday lunch.)

I tell you, these politicians are getting childish by the day. They do not care about our welfare. (as if you do not know) They want to strangle the Penang bridge, the PORR(ah), the tourism and etc etc. Like we care…. Go ahead and do it. If they don’t come tumbling down like DSAI hinted, they will come tumbling down in the next 13th GE.

beef koay teow
(This goo bak koay teow not bad wei. I blogged about it in Penang Foods.)

Do I need to remind you guys that RPK, i.e. Raja Petra will appear on RTM 1 tonight at 8.30 pm? Let’s see if he can shoots them live on TV like he shoots on Malaysia-Today. Hmm…Sharbery oi, Sharbery, bila hang nak panggil aku…..Kebaya dah aku upah. *slaps self* I haven’t quite finish pissed with Sharbery Cheek for making that remarks about pigs that can incite hostilities. Cukup lah, oi. Tukar topic baru lah. Rakyat bukan bodoh. Cuma kerbau yang terikut.

(muffins we baked)

So, there, foods I ate last week.

6 thoughts on “You know what I ate last week

  1. ooo peking duck. where did you have it? havent had good peking duck in a while. 🙂 and yes, looking forward to watching RPK on tv.

  2. Wooo Kylie Kwong style! I love watching her shows. She’s just diff from other celebrity chefs. Her dishes are simple, yet beautifully presented, not to mention much easier to prepare at home.

    Am gonna watch RPK eksyen on RTM tonite! Hehe…

  3. RTM1??? WTF is that??!!! Oh, that stupid national channel. ok.ok.

    Credit Suisse informed me the other day that there were an increase in new accounts after 8 March. Go figure.

  4. aiyoh , wake up saying , today I’m going on a diet and log in.. what do I seee??? FOOD!!!! Glorous Penang Food. Bye-Bye diet!! LOL Now you can add ” Torturing” to your title as well LOL

  5. Next time I visit Penang I’m definitely gonna ask you for makan places to visit. The Gou Bak kuey teow looks sooo tantalizing. I’ll bring my extra satchets of Domino’s Pizza dried chilli flakes to add on top for that extra zing!

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