Bwahaha, Koh Tsu Koon doesn’t have to tell Lim Guan Eng how to suck eggs.

On whether he was going to ask Lim to lay off other Gerakan members, he said: “I’m not going to tell Guan Eng what to do. He’s old enough. I don’t have to tell him how to suck eggs. He’s mature enough, I’m sure.”

(Star Online)

You know for as long as I remember, once the general election in Malaysia is over, it is over and we carry on with our lives. We go to work, we take care of our family and do what we normally do. But this Pilihanraya really special.

We have lots of shows to see. In fact, following the politicians monkey and pigs acts are much more interesting than watching TV. With the monkey shows, we get to chip in our dua sen opinions, eventhough they aren’t needed.

I thought once those politicians who lost their parliamentary or DUN seat, they will quietly tapau balik kampung. But no…….these losers are the ones who create the most dramas. For e.g. the Khir Toyo and his endless flames about the babi. Or how about Samy Vellu and his sudden love for Indians? Of course, Lim Keng Yaik and his ‘I am retired but not quiet yet’ face on the papers still.

Our gentleman former CM of Penang also join the fray now.

“Before March 8 (the date of the general election) we were the devils. After March 8, we are the angels that they need help from,” he said, stressing that he was not trying to be petty.

(translation : Koh is saying that DAP is now worshipping Gerakan like angels to get Gerakan to help)

Actually, Tan Sri Koh’s voice is really calming one, you know? He can make a very good radio host, e.g. for those late, late nights kind of ‘break up, I need to talk to the radio dj’ kind of radio show. With his past records, I am sure many silais sure will get wet talking to him on air. You know…’My loukong got a China doll and I am so lonely…’. (only radio host cos you don’t want to stare at that spectacles too long or you get images of your Maths teacher wayback in primary school or something scary and turn off like that)

Tan Sri Dr. Koh ah, I know you have not been too bad as a CM lah. Or at least, you didn’t do many things to annoy us except that you have always kow-tow to UMNO. As I see it, DAP has been sincere in getting everyone to be part of the state government, including offering them to Gerakan members like Lee Kah Choon who puts his dedication to the people first above his own interest.

Can you tell your loser gang of politicians to diam-diam retire to the back and when the next General Election is here, contest again. Maybe you can win again?

To those of you who like Desperate Housewives, we have a Desperate Housewive series like the mysterious, disappearing RM10M Mrs. Khir’s version in Penang too. Catch the Desperate Housewives of Penang on JeffOoi. Syabas to JeffOoi because today, the blogger turned Member of Parliament has sworn in.

(quotes from Star taken from this URL

and in case you do not know what’s the meaning of suck eggs, it means you do not teach someone older/smarter/clever/wateva than you to do something they already know)

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  2. Hold on! When a person thinks he/she is capable to teach someone something, he/she must be very good at it loh, right? So I assume Dr. Koh is very good at sucking………egg! LoL…

    Actually when I saw the news saying that the 2nd Penang bridge and monorial actually have not yet reached the stage of approving the project I was so TL with it because before the election our former state government kept telling us how soon the projects will be completed but now the government come telling us the project not yet approved pula? WTF!

  3. ei on the contrary kan, its so common that the newspaper write differently than what’s been said – happened to my friend the aussie exchange boy in ipoh. lain cakap lain keluar.

    i have strong feelingst hat the newspaper will lead us to chaos nation. aiyo how la?

  4. ei on the contrary kan, its so common that the newspaper write differently than what’s been said – happened to my friend the aussie exchange boy in ipoh. lain cakap lain keluar.

    i have strong feelings that the newspaper will lead us to chaos nation. aiyo how la?

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  6. Terence, you read the rest of the comment in spam and BA will love to hear about this. Susan is PKR strong supporter, I am sure she will be interested to know too.

  7. Thank God for Susan, whoever she is! Phew! *do the happy dance*

    Lilian, you got order whole siew tu bak celebrate boh? LoL…

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  9. LOL, Bryan, I don’t know who will go siao first. Albert or us, if we keep reading his comments.

    Kanasai, I donated RM5K I also no need to tell lah. Niamah.

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  11. ALBERT-Bwahahaha!!! If you give RM50 and have to borrow RM30, you are the biggest sorhai in the world. Bwahahaha!!!

    LGE is not going to kiss your ass for it. DAP needed the people’s help but not in this way lah. They can manage their problem. Don’t go around borrowing money and create problems for others lah. So you go around borrowing money and telling people that you gave all your money to DAP ar? Do not tarnish DAP in this way lah.

    I will check whether is available or not for u. Bwahahaha!!!

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    azhan – Dia sudah shiok sama susanloone. Nasib baik.

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    I can remember the night when I saw CM Lim delivering his public speech in Perak Lane where it was crowded by thousands of people.I was truly touched by his sincerity from the heart and genuine gesture from his sweating face.My tears suddenly rolled down on my cheek and it was such a touching irresistible scene!The night when I went back home,I had a sleepless night and all my mind was full of Lim’s decent looking image.

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    This is a classic. YB, jaga your belakang when you walk the streets of Penang. You got a stalker. Even worse, you got an admirer. Bwahahaha!!! Niamah!!!

  14. Terence – 😆 I #1 fan also never shed tears eventhough I went to don’t know how many ceramahs. This one lagi fansee, the tiga-suku wan. :mrgreen:

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    Anyway, all these egg suckers only now wanna show they care for us Joe-public, a bit too late right. Morning-morning dowan to listen, now lose dy… quietly go sit under the tempurung and ‘plot’ how you all gonna tumpas the current Govt la. What la all these politikus. That keris fella should take his apology and shove it where the sun dun shine together with the keris he so proud about. Bugger, all these talk of the NEP, my fellow state people (Sarawak) so bodoh went and voted BN, contribute 54 of 140 egg suckers, and what they get? Jilo. But still the Foo Chow businessmen prosper and the indigenous people still live in longhouses, aiyor sorry ar Lilian I come spam here.

  16. I just looked up Albert’s IP, it seems the fella spamming from some sewerage pool no wonder he spews so much crap. Lolx

  17. erm, lilian, i believed you know how to cook eggs right?

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