11 thoughts on “18S X – Circumcised

  1. Hmmmm are those for sucking . licking or swallowed whole for the ….. pedasness ??? šŸ˜›

  2. caroline – I don’t know the source and whether it is real or not. But really funny lah

    BEH – Best grilled whole, over hot coals.

    Bryan – yaya

    kadusmama – Given to you, how you going to prepare it? :mrgreen:

  3. I did a little looking up and my goodness, this kind of pepper really exists! It’s called Peter peppers. Similar are pene peppers. Apparently an “ornamental chile”, means its bred “for fun and for its phallic appearance.” Comes in red or green. Length between 7.5cm – 10 cm. Get this: extremely rare variety. Heat level is 7-8. Native to Louisiana and Texas, USA.


  4. If the peppers were given to me..i put it in a jar for a display! hahahaha how many people actually have seen peppers with a special look like that? I haven’t! (Not dare to chop2 it lah..later i kasi scared the whole male population, how??)

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