Eavesdropping – Do you?

Few nights ago, I was sitting down at the bench by the playground in Tesco. My 12 years old have gone in with my 5 years old. That means I can just sit down, shut down and do whatever I want. Like, digging my nose, roll the green booger and flick it. Or take out my Sony Ericsson P1i and check which morons have littered on my blog while I was out shopping.

Suddenly, the conversation on the next bench gets hotter.

AA – My ‘lau eh’ (husband) ‘ai cheng’ (lover) keep calling him even after we were just married. He told her he is not free anymore but she keeps calling. Even now, every Chinese New Year, she will call my lou-eh.

AB – Wah…you are not jealous?

AA – Hrmmmpph…what jealous. Scared I don’t have my own lou-ai-cheng meh?

Wuah…by then, I faster exit my Opera Mini browser, keep my Sony P1i and pretended to stand up to check on my kids. This way, I can stand up, pretend to turn my head 180 deg and check out who is AA and AB.

Auntie A is about 50+, nails ‘nicely’ decorated with deep red and white flowers. Huge sparkling bag. Toe nails also sharp and pointy. Shoes, blouse, hair pins and everything about her are sparkling.

Auntie B is maybe older and dodgier.

And I went, oh my goat!!!! serious? Wuah, your lou-eh certainly is not some Datuk wei. Not to say that I am snobbish but Datin doesn’t carry those huge, pasar malam bag wan…..

They were still in animated talk. And AB asked AA where the woman works.

AA – Coal story (that’s exactly how it is pronounced)

AB – Hamik coal stoli?

AA – Nay…the one selling frozen foods, supermarket in town?

AB – Oh….coal stoli …… Cho hamik kang eh? Promoter?

(Haiyor, Cold Storage lah! One of Penang most expensive supermarket)

AA – *in darn proud tone* No!!!!! She working as meliya. Big post (meliya = manager)

AB – Wuah, your husband must be handsome.

AA – Aiyar….no lah…..this woman just cannot forget him only.

(of course, all the above conversations were in Hokkien)

And there I was….feeling like taking a video of AA boasting about her husband’s lover. But no, that’s very immoral. Breaching other people’s privacy, right? Eavesdropping also bad, ok?

But I know we do that sometimes. Who ask them to talk so loud ah? Eavesdropping – Do you?

20 thoughts on “Eavesdropping – Do you?

  1. This is one thing that I cannot do here in Penang, because gua beh hiau Hokkien…so want to KPC also I get truncated message. Sigh ;(

  2. I am very sam pat one. So, I eavesdrop whenever I hear something loud and clear. But I always pretend I dun know anything, so that I can hear more. hahahaha… I am such a bad girl.

  3. near my workplace got a nice mall… a lot of latuk2 n latin2 always hangout there one… everyday during my lunch break i get to hear so many juicy news ( even what the tempe eater’s real beauty secret is… ) …tip : always bring newspaper so they think u concentrating on some interesting piece of news… hehe…

  4. Guilty as charged, but then again I got big ears ma; some friends actually said my ears like radar, able to pick up latest gossip and conversation snippets from all around me. šŸ˜‰

  5. I do a lot of surveillance work for clients. You wanna know who is a naughty boy??? Bwahahaha!!!

  6. bukan eavesdrop bukan kaypohchee. just concern citizen who happened to overhear stuff from other families =)

  7. Hahaha… u sound like my mom telling me kpc stories… actually its only now i have the revelation why i myself always into kpc stories! hahaha

  8. Wah..wuching so terrer kah? take photo somemore leh! haha
    If i pun sure curi2 dengar lah. Who ask them to talk so loud? they want people to know lah tu..but so unlucky, i don’t speak hokkien. only can catch few words at a time. Budak baru belajar mah..

  9. Enough said, the akar of the problem. Its not the speakers fault (well in this case AA & AB who may just happen to have a case of bad hearing and bad pronunciations to boot “ok so they spoke in Hokkien”). If not for all the KPCs in this world, you think we have all those gossip news media, media scoops, “the little bird told me” stories, “you know what I over-heard” stories.

    You know what I heard while I was taking a big dump in the xxx mall from the cubicle next to mine… voices going…
    “Fast la open, excited dy!” “Aiya, pusing a bit la. Then can fit!” “Like this ar?” “Wah, better…” And then I hear the Indian cleaning guy bang on the cubicle door.

  10. Haiyor Gerald, take video mah… then can sell to p0rn site mah… šŸ˜†

    Bert – Eh who is the kpc here ah?

    Sorry folks, I super busy today, cannot reply all comments. But basically, we are all kpcs, correct?

    huei – I didn’t sit too long cos by then, my loukong finished paying and we were about to go. If I still hang around to listen, then I jialat liao, confirmed really sei8por liao.

  11. its natural for one to be KPC. As long as you pretend that you dont know anything abt what are they talking šŸ˜

  12. You seem to be at the right place at the right time, providing material for your blog. Or you have the most vivid imagination.

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