So, who else want to leave threats on blogs and website?

Let this be a lesson to the juveniles, the imbeciles, the morons, the idiots, the trolls, the L-bird type of people that you can be tracked if you do any stupid, bodoh, huan chu, so hai things like leaving death threats, stalking bloggers with comments or anything like that. This is not a first case, remember that. Other idiots have been tracked by the police before as well.

Ugut Karpal: Pelajar kolej serah diri
Apr 28, 08 10:37pm
Seorang pelajar kolej berumur 19 tahun hari ini menyerah diri kepada polis berhubung dakwaan menghasut bagi pembunuhan pengerusi DAP Karpal Singh dalam lamanweb PAS Johor.

Diiringi bapanya dan empat ahli Pemuda PAS Johor yang diketuai pemimpinnya Khairul Faizi Ahmad Kamil, pelajar lelaki itu tiba di ibu balai polis Johor Baharu selatan pada jam 1 tengah hari.

You can read the whole story on Malaysiakini. I am sure Mr. Karpal will drop the matter but it is good that he made it clear that such things cannot be tolerated online. When idiots get on the internet, they think they are invincible. Think again.

You may want to read what Beras Padu has written about this matter too.

5 thoughts on “So, who else want to leave threats on blogs and website?

  1. Hasbullah – Eh, mana ada lah. I baru got back and login. Ada link juga kan? Maybe my WordPress auto chop off? OK, lah, I kasi your link on the post itself, ok?

    Foong – He comment lagi, sure Terence going hentam him cos he called Terence all sort of names in the comment (which I have not let through).

  2. Write an ebook called “Stupid Blog Commenters” and sell online for USD1.99 per copy. šŸ™‚ compile all those l-bird comments šŸ˜›

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