6 am in the morning. One of those rare occasion when I wake up at this ghostly hour. I need to loosen my vocal chords as I need the voice by 7 am. So, here’s a Youtube video of Bee Gees song, First of May.

I think the song has been around more than 40 years ‘cos my brothers and sisters listen to them a lot.

Now…going off to use my voice now. I just remembered something someone told me about a month’s back. I was sitting there, nervous, waiting for my turn. Then, this old, old aunty who is frail and has a hunch back walked close to me.

I shine her my best smile eventhough I was so kancheong inside. She asked me, “You are reading this morning?”

So, the chicken in me go….”oh oh, sei ler now she is going to tell me to read louder or slower…..”

I nodded.

And she said, “Good….I love to hear you read. It is so crisp and clear.”


Someone told me, sometimes if we put our heart into something, even the deaf (or those who have some partial hearing problems) can hear our voices.

So, help me Lord. *chews nails*

Do re mi fa soh…..mah mah mah mah…..mi mi mi mi mi….(that’s how we loosen our vocal chords)

Remember Ephesians is pronounced with a loud SIAN and not efficients.

HAPPY LABOUR DAY, all you slaves out there. LOL