Information Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek, oi. Ni tak cukup jantan lah

Updated : Mampus! You tolong baca this column by Amin Iskandar on Malaysiakini, Alahai Shabery..Blog di RTM

Ada juga penulis blog yang sinis dengan langkah yang cuba dilakukan oleh Shabery. Penulis blog mengingatkan pembaca blognya tentang kenyataan daripada Shabery ketika

Mana mau lari lah? When I write the below, I didn’t notice the column mentioned my blog. *runs and hide*

Like this lah, jika berani, cukup jantan, show us what goes on in Parliament.

If the Opposition parties are indeed like what you claim :

Ahmad Shabery blamed the chaotic session today on MPs, especially those from the opposition benches. He argued that they were trying to “play to the gallery”.

then, let us rakyat decide. The votes are in our hands. If you claim they are big monkey or whatever, then, let us see for ourselves and when the next election is here, we know what to do.

But if my memories serve me well, it was the Barisan Nasional MPs who uttered all the racist, chauvinist and degrading terms in the previous seatings. Bocor lah, balik Tiongsan lah, keling lah…..

“It’s good, it should remain,” said the MP (Bung), who had locked horns with Karpal Singh (DAP-Bukit Gelugor) this morning. He had called Karpal a ‘”big monkey” after the DAP politician had branded him “Bigfoot”.

And who ask Pak Lah to go and appoint that Dung Bung Mokthar?

Lim Kit Siang (DAP-Ipoh Timor) said the shouting matches would not have taken place if the proceedings had been conducted in a fairer manner. He disagreed that the ‘live’ telecast should be discontinued.

(Receiving) the ‘live’ telecast is the right of Malaysians; (telecasting) it should not be the prerogative of the government,” said the veteran politician.

(all quotes taken from Malaysiakini)

So yes, bring it on. The show must go on. I want to see the behaviour of the MPs we voted into Parliament. The power is in our rakyats’ hands. The time allocated for Parliament seating is surely more interesting than RTM1 basi, berkulat drama.


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13 thoughts on “Information Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek, oi. Ni tak cukup jantan lah

  1. i always wanted this country to be more liberal – in sense of speech.

    in USA got channel 43 and 44 dedicated for their Senate and Congress where entire country get too see whats being debated and who’s right being defended. In Bundestag of Germany, they built a great transparent dome so everyone will see it live at the bottom of the dome in whats going on in the Parliament.

    in this country not everything in parliament can be shown. apa ni? nak simpan rahsia apa? mau baling kerusi macam Taiwan ka?

  2. terence – HOI! On the cheek lah, look closely. 🙄 LOL, I had to enlarge the pic to see that properly, btw.

    kadusmama – Maybe he very comfy with me, so he pun dig lah! *laff till fall off chair*

    azhan – Cos I heard depa tak tau nak jawab soalan on the spot. Malu nyerrrrrr… So, nak rahsia lah.

  3. Foong – Actually, I tok kok only, I didn’t watch the session the other day because few minutes I heard the Speaker pok-pek, I got bored already. I want action, fight, throw chairs, climb on tables. LOL. But today, you see the MSM, they write like it is all the opposition parties’ fault, so biased.

  4. Wow.. Ah Lian, you are going to be more famous after this. And yes… everything looks like the fault of the opposition parties. Macam monyet la, macam circus la, buang masa la… etc.. and all this actually started from the government party. How come they cannot see it? I was so angry especially after watching that Big Foot challenge Kapal Singh to stand up and talk. Sial lang… a really bog foot who doesn’t know how to respect ppl.

  5. choonie – Yalah, tak ada hati perut mia olang. The Tiger of Jelutong has the tiger aura but anyone who sees him, will feel for him ‘cos even his hands are frail and one side is very weak. And yet, they got the heart to challenge him like that.

    Foong – Really tak cantik mia kaki, only first telecast already want to change mind.

  6. Well, in the first place “monkeys” come from all sides, barisan AND opposition. These people just want their 15 minutes of fame but doing so at the parliament is uncalled for. Let’s concentrate more on the important issues and see who exactly is walking the talk.

  7. i thing the gomen dont have the guts to telecast it live again not because of the circus act but they are afraid the rakyat will see no standard mp like bung and that short and fat frog mp who also want exposure. cannot tahan that bung whwn he speaks, damm howlien.. really kanasai, phui!!!!!

  8. Banana lah! Always say opposition simply blast. I say the JIA BEH LIAO (SXXT-Berry) don’t know how 2 do his job properly. Oi, information minister, you are not suppose to concentrate on BLOGGER eh, u r suppose to do with Information Stuff…..not blasting the freedom of our blogging. DAMM KNN! Everything also wana hide, like so secret! CB! u think u r KGB meh….lin mah! Lilian, if next time he got BLOG, u must CALL him monkey!!!!!!! Another stupid statement made!

  9. I realise Info Minister(past & present) are like A-QUA lar.
    Live telecast is fun for the whole Malaysia especially folks not living in the city. I guess the reaction from Pak Ciks, Mak Ciks, Uncles and Aunties will shake their head non stop and 😯

    BTW you look like a “tigress” with the 2 “tigers” 😆

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