Updated : Pak Lah said cancelled but now, according to the latest news, the Information Minister says to continue. We are a very confused nation, no? No, yes, no, yes…

I missed the live telecast and actually has no intention of watching because the few seconds I watched was awfully boring. However, the mainstream media has covered this issue over and over again. The Star is very biased in their reports, making it like all the opposition MPs are creating chaos just for publicity sake.

But is that true? NO. Karpal Singh and Lim Kit Siang have always been very vocal. Lim Kit Siang was demanding that they are allowed to ask supplementary questions.

And if you want to see what took place in the previous Parliament seating….. Nah, see the even more heated drama in Parliament. It was all the same. Whether Ahmad Sharbery Cheek wants to telecast it live on RTM or not, we will know about it. In fact, RTM’s footage may even lose out to the PKR/DAP/PAS video editing.

In case you catch no ball, Nazri uttered ‘kalau tak suka, boleh keluar dari Malaysia’ and all the DAP MPs protested.

I tell you, being Speaker in Parliament is probably the most stressful job. Much more stressful than a zookeeper. Bwahahaha….Given to me, maybe I will take that hammer and throw it when they don’t listen to the ‘sila duduk kinabatangan, sila duduk tanjung…..sila duduk ipoh timur…’