I fell asleep in mid conversation

Bwahahaha….have you ever leave a conversation midway and fell asleep?

Not just fourty winks but a nap that lasts 3 hours.

I wonder what that says???

You are boring?

I am dead sleepy?

I am awfully distracted? (cos I jumped into bed midway to do something else, and terus zzzzz)

My pillow has magic spell that puts me to sleep?

I don’t want to fren you anymore?

Whatever lah….soli lorr…

BTW, I think my blog is hotter than Wong Chun Wai‘s blog. This is one blog I am going to keep an eye on. Let’s see if Datuk Wong Chun Wai (whom I USED to like his thoughts and columns) is as biased on his blog as he is in his column in The Star.

Wuah, I am very generous today. I kasi blog link to three blogs. Tun Dr. Mahathir blog, Tour De Love and Wong Chun Wai.

As for those who questioned YB Teh’s mission, quoting things like “hey, he is an assemblyman getting a salary, what is he doing cycling” I wish to tell them to shut up. He has planned this long before he was to be an assemblyman. He is not using the State funds to do it. He is sponsored and he is raising funds for charities. So, he won’t be around for 50 days on the mission. But he has said that his colleagues, both DAP and even PKR (Jason) will help to watch over his constituency. Sometimes, I am damn amused to see all these so-call self-policing people, running around to criticise everything. So much time, go tell our Government who used millions of Ringgit and send hundreds of people to do something irrelevant lah. (e.g. space tourist, one sportsman go for tournament, 10 officials tagging along etc etc) Go plant yourself at Parliament and protest there lah. Don’t come bug my blog.

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  1. Sleep in the mid-way of conversation? You must be very tired. Dun tell me you are going to change your title to 6xmom!!! 😆

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