Sex with ex? My article in Her World

A couple of months ago, someone who reads my blog asked me if I am interested in writing an article for Her World. So, I said yes. BTW, last month, in April I mentioned about cheating husband.


Her World magazine has been revamped recently and now, it is much smaller, cuter and compact. (not so easy to slip off my hands when I am reading it on the throne) If you haven’t buy Her World since decades ago, go check out the new look. I know many people, including me stopped reading women’s magazines when they realized that it is filled with lots of ads.

So, here are photos of the Her World May issue.


If my mommy finds out I write such sleazy stuffs, she is going to smack my bottom! But ooops, my mommy is not here anymore and I am over 21 years old. Twice over.

But wait….if my husband finds out I write such saucy stories on a women’s magazine using my real name, he is going to interrogate me. But no….we have never been apart in our 23 years of courtship, live-in and marriage. So heh, those aren’t based on my life true stories. But they belong to someone else.

So, are you curious what sex with an ex is like? Go get yourself a copy of Her World May issue. Only RM7, with lots of freebies and some very interesting articles. Guys, you can buy for the missus as Mother’s Day gift mahhhhh…. Hehehe.

(Disclaimer : My article has been edited. And don’t talk moral issues with me. It is a women’s magazine, wokay?)


RM7 only. Go buy it. And make sure your spouse doesn’t catch you reading it, ok? I am not responsible if it gives you ideas…

19 thoughts on “Sex with ex? My article in Her World

  1. Another source of income? šŸ˜‰
    I just thought of buying my Cleo for the month of May but may be to support you, may be another copy of Her World. Oh yes.. in Kuching, the price is more than RM7.

  2. bryan – Eh, I thot you agreed to the interview wan?

    romantic – Wait when May is over, I scan and mail to you. LOL.

    melvin – Wuah….

    fashionasia – Read and see lor. But hor, I never read it. Hehehe, once edited (as expected), I prefer to not know what has been changed. Scary ler.

    kadusmama – Yaya, give it a try. Thanks!

    choonie – Income, yes but no lah, not regular basis. CLEO? You like CLEO bachelors issit?

    agnes – LOL, the editor told me beforehand, cannot write too 18SX so must tone down. Hahaha.

  3. Bryan – Why you always flame me??? You know the truth also don’t mention my name mah. Now everyone knows about the Malaysian Ron Jeremy. šŸ˜‰

  4. bryan – LOL, cassava more like it. (cassava = ubi kayu) *runs and block MSN and mobile from Terence)

    neo – LOL, ideas?

    terence – Terence is cassava!

  5. Niamah!!! Cassava??? Eh, some people do get sexually turned on looking at those cassava leh. But that is totally another story. Bwahahaha!!!

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